Mavimatt has been providing the finest quality of Handmade Furniture. ANUBI Table is the best example of it.  We will work with you or your design professional to create pieces combining the best of form and function to meet your needs. ANUBI is very precious item of furniture that is designed to all sort of spaces. Its design and size being a hybrid pieces are useful in display units and in small areas. ANUBI may be a very interesting piece of art with a unique and versatile design which easily integrates in almost any sort of decor. ANUBI is formed of solid oak. A best Work of Italian craftsmanship which give reality of such tremendous ideas. The concept of ANUBI table is taken from the ancient Japanese techniques, at that time old OAK beams burned which is called “SHOU SUGI BAN”. And Pure Gold is planted within. So the idea is derived from them to create the real ANUBI.

Every Products become valuable when pure material is used. So far the Structure and size of the table is customized made on the customer’s request. Oak wood is used in the plan board whose thickness is six (6) centimeter. It is strong, rigid, stable and remains natural. Its color is attractive with prominent grain and best resistant to the fungal attack. The creativity of handmade art is putted into inside of versatile wood, the veins of wood will place with real gold of 18kt or in different RUG Colors. Pure Gold is used on the demand of the clients, either the finishing of the veins will be done in yellow gold, rose gold or silver gold. Finishing of table with Rug Colors is metal painted that is same like gold, but pure gold is not use in rug colors. The base of the table is made of iron metal alloy, which is the surety of strong work. The same finishing process is also done with the base. The Beauty of art will be seen with the purity of work. The shiny glimpse of the table inspires the viewer. We have kept into mind the preciosity of the table; therefore, it delivers to the customer with great care and packed into the wooden box.

Technical details

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