South Korea, now home to some Mavimatt magic.

Luscious lines. Ultra-fine features. Sumptuous curves. A sensationally svelte body. What more could you want from a super-powered, equally prestigious motorcar? How about a chair that ergonomically mimics it in almost every way? A chair like the utterly unique Mavimatt brown carbon fibre chassis limited edition UFO (Unidentified Furniture Object). A chair that’s so exclusive it’s numbered 21 out of 100. No other chair on the planet like it exists. Completed with a natural primofiore type of Italian leather seating, this inspired model can be found at the esteemed Bentley showroom in Seoul, South Korea.

South Korea, yet another country on the ever-expanding Mavimatt map. The Italian high-end décor and furnishings company’s mind-blowing masterpieces can be seen around the world from the US to the UK. Luxury furniture collectors and lovers of the unusual and avante garde décor turn to Mavimatt to imagine, design and make them something, that quite literally, no one else in the world owns. 

Make Mavimatt your own.

Mavimatt’s eclectic range of furniture, each an Italian piece of art, ranges from the weird and wonderful to the cool and contemporary. Every piece is precisely tailored to how you want it – everything from styling, material and shape is meticulously considered. From the Panama Hat inspired coffee table to the magically made Meteora set of chairs – prepare yourself for a mind-blowing masterpiece. A masterpiece that only you, only you and no one else anywhere on earth, will own.

If you’re a lover of the world’s finest motorcars then something from Mavimatt might be right up your street. Style and function come together to give you something that you’ll thoroughly enjoy, while others will undoubtedly envy.

Elevate any room in your house (or if you’ve an extravagant garage) with a Mavimatt masterpiece at