MAVIMATT ® creates, and it brings to life a futuristic design, which transforms furniture in actual artworks, because of their distinctive traits.

We like to consider ourselves limitless, and as a matter of fact, we are. We put no obstacles in our creative process and in order to do that we do not predetermine our production methods or the use of a particular raw material.

The only limit we accept is the one which is imposed by our ideas, by our minds that we allow to wander. We work with any kind of essence, technology and shape. The production cycle only depends on our own hands.

MAVIMATT ® is a research lab and the driving force behind it is creativity, a passion that moves our hands from the first pencil sketch of the project to the last magic touch that ends our masterpieces.

Lines only exist so as they can be crossed, this is our philosophy. We approach ideas in a new way and in doing so we create a net of countless possibilities on how to use the raw material. We bring experimentation to a new, unprecedented dimension.

The use of state-of-the-art technologies, as automotive (U.F.O.), enables us to better implement our ideas, which are inspired on the elements of nature (NINFEA and MAGMA).

We design single elements of furniture (APNEA) so as they can both be used as single items and they can be combined with other ones giving life to new, original solutions.

Our new product too, OPERA, finds inspiration in art. In the process of creating it, we have combined different technical elements, giving life to a product which is unbound to its use. It is a unique work of art. Our mission is the creative originality of the product. We, in cooperation with our partners, are committed to find the best technical solutions for the realisation of it.

The best technical solutions in the realisation of the design product not only enable us to observe the original idea of the project, but also guarantee reliability and security.

MAVIMATT ®, along with the products, also offers a customer service, thanks to the support of  a group of selected partnerships that make it possible for us to be present in many countries all over the world.

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