MAVIMATT ® born with the vision to develop design creations, projected to the future, that sometimes, for their exclusivity, become a true works of art.

We like to think we have no limits, we have no bounds with predetermined production methods nor with the use of a certain material.

We know we can space with our minds and work with every essence, technology and shape, undergoing productive cycles only dependent on our hands and with the width of our ideas as the only acceptable limit.

MAVIMATT ® is a workshop of research where creativity is the core that moves everything, from the first pencil sketch on the project until the last, magic touch that finishes our masterpieces.

The limits exist only to be overcome with a new approach to the idea, creating a net of directions and possibilities that bring our experimentation on unprecedented dimensions of the material.

MAVIMATT ® offers its objects and their relative assistance, to his customers, thanks also to the support of select partnerships that currently allow it, to be present in differents countries worldwide.

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