Project Description


We like to impress, thrill and create, we like to gather experiences and to enclose them inside design masterpieces that are very likely to be talked about and are able to transmit to people the universe of ideas that lies behind the project.

And where creativity and technique meet, “APNEA” was born, a simple and linear design element that amazes for its elegance and its essential nature, it seduces for its construction qualities.

It is a very unique object of design furniture that seems to defy the laws of physics. We drown some materials like the veneer sheet inside a shape made in transparent resin, giving this design object the ability to mimic the enchantment of space suspension.

The element in transparent resin is 4 millimetres thick and it is entirely hand-crafted. Inside it some veneers sheets (0,6 millimetres thick) are immersed and they too are handmade. Together with them, also some magnets are immersed, that guarantee the perfect union among the different elements and also the balance of this peculiar design object.

In order to participate in the creative process and feel the story the design object tells like your own it is possible to customize it with these veneer essences (elm briar-root, walnut briar-root, rosewood, makassar ebony, padouk, teak and zebrano) and with customized shapes of veneer.

“On special request we can immerse inside the resin different materials with customised drawings”.


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