Project Description


Sometimes traveling gifts us images that can never be deleted. We decided to transform a picture which is stuck in our heads into a work of art of design, a picture we took with our eyes during an unforgettable journey. We experienced an encounter of a huge impact with the power of nature, we were spectators of a natural event which can not be put into words. This is why we tried to describe it in a design object. The “MAGMA” console table is originated by the idea of representing the phenomenon that amazed us in a single element of design furniture, which is not only an object, but the story of an experience.

This console table made with meal alloy and the processing of the drops that fall from the tabletop is entirely handmade, far from the industrial process idea. The finishing, obtained by liquid coating, is available in both the glossy and matt versions, in every colour of the international RAL table. It is possible to bring this design object closer to the customer’s personal experience and personality by asking for a special finishing and a customized size.


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