Project Description


The most romantic people know that what is essential is invisible to the eye. And it is exactly for who appreciates the most well hidden beauty that we created our new peculiar design element “OPERA”. It is a very unique design furniture object, which you con enjoy in its entirety only by immersing yourself in its seat, disclosing the secrets of this wonder of design. OPERA can blend into the interior of your house as a simple decorative design object, but its secret is the new concept of seat that you will experience.

This design element consists in a metal structure made with an alloy 2,5 millimeters thick, which is the perfect material for this dual nature design object because it makes it resistant and light at the same time. The frontal part of this metallic structure is hand coated with a special elastic tissue which is available in many different colours, it is washable and stain-resistant. This work of art of design won’t disappoint you as far as comfort is concerned, thanks to this material which can perfectly shape for every kind of seat. OPERA’s metallic structure is completed with a very resistant and long-lasting painting, since it is a very peculiar painting (at 400 degrees). The structure of this marvel of design can be painted in any colour of the international RAL table, on request.


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