Each MAVIMATT ® product is exclusively made by hand, upon order. We follow each of our customers from the initial stage of his order to the final delivery, clarifying together every single aspect of the order. Only this way we can guarantee a unique and inimitable shopping experience


The MAVIMATT ® purchasing experience is developed through these steps:

the customer contacts us via email or our social channels;

a member of our team will support the customer by understanding the specific details of the request
(type of product, delivery, etc.);

we will send a quote to the customer regarding all the details of the possible order that will be made;

upon confirmation of the estimate and receipt of the first payment, we will start with the realization of the order;

when the material is ready for shipment, we will communicate this to the customer, and we will arrange the shipment
(on request).


As we are working with international customers we accept various forms of payment including bank transfers and payments by credit cards, we are also able to manage and organize international shipments of our products, both by ship and by air by means of partnerships that we have established with shipping companies.

Only in this way, by personally following the entire supply chain, from the moment of the order to the final delivery of the product, we can guarantee our customers a service and a product that matches our brand.


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