Unidentified Furniture Object
PATENT N.002259689-0001 – 20/6/2013

Unidentified Furniture Object.

A rocking armchair, whose shell is a spherical-shape single piece, made of fibre. The seat is made of memory composite and natural leather.
The shell is handmade and to create it, the latest technologies have been used, along with the typical processes of the automotive.
The seat is a single block composed by foam of different densities, so as it can shape, adapting ergonomically. The covering too is handmade and it is done by selecting the best natural leathers.
U.F.O. is a true work of art of design furniture, and the peculiarity that makes it unique is the base, that is a spherical cap that shapes and gives the right structure to the seat, by balancing it wherever the weight of the load falls, and whichever movement is induced.
Another important feature of this incredible design element is the only contact point with the soil which reduces the friction, making U.F.O. a light and agile object.
The seat is designed so as to facilitate any direction in which one wants to seat, also in couple, together with their partner.
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