Whatever @gercollector wants, Mavimatt makes

Today, the social media ‘influencer’ can boost your brand in the same way that a famous celebrity could in the days before digital. Yup, a very long time ago. They can be the difference between a brand’s success or failure. As it’s a visual platform, Instagram is the predominant home of the Influencer. Here they can present their passions and claims to fame in a way that inspires their loyal followers. Brands that use social media, particularly Instagram, to showcase their products, may use several. Like we do.

At Mavimatt, we’re immensely proud of, and feel honoured by, our current list of famous buyers/Influencers – from renowned entrepreneur and real estate investor Manny Koshbin to Armenian-based New York artist, Tigran Tsitoghdzyan and superstar Polish/Swedish basketball player Maciej Lampe – all have passionately shown off their beloved, bespoke, collaborative Mavimatt products on their own Instagram accounts.

Now meet @gercollector – widely known, respected and followed on Instagram (at time of writing he boasts 949K followers). Based in Munich, Germany, it’s immediately clear to see that his passion is cars. Beautiful, phenomenally cool sports cars. The best that money can buy. He’s obsessed. And his obsession has crowned him Germany’s No1 Automotive Influencer of both 2019 and 2020.

Luckily for us, cars aren’t @gercollector’s only pride and passion. He’s a man that wants the best of everything. And that includes home furnishings – so who better to collaborate with than Mavimatt?

Why settle for one Mavimatt masterpiece, when we’ll make you three?

@gercollector desired one of our uniquely bespoke UFO chairs. Who wouldn’t? With its black, stylish chassis and complementary, exquisitely comfortable grey natural leather seating – the one-of-a-kind #UFO Colore was a must for this avid collector.

Yet, that wasn’t to be the king of collectors’ only throne that would take pride of place in his palace. The other piece of furniture from the future he laid his hands on was the old yet new school looking #Meterora. An elegantly beautiful pouf which he imagined and we created – everything from its structure to its colour and a choice of fiberglass or carbon fibre body.

Every chair, especially every meticulously, bespoke handmade Italian masterpiece of a chair needs a table. But then, as you’ve probably guessed, we’re not talking any old chair. Nope, @gercollector used his head or this one (apologies for the pun). Loosely based on the timeless design of the Panama hat, he asked us to come up with a completely unique #Panama coffee table.

Thanks again @gercollector – so what’s next?

You don’t have to be famous, or need to influence anyone to own a Mavimatt masterpiece. Let’s chat about what we can create, just for you at mavimatt.com