Mavimatt design handmade furniture, which is personal, tangible, and sensual. The creative art of every bit of the furniture is embedded with artistic energy that no piece can ever replicate. Sometimes the journeys of life left deep penetrated impacts that can never be embellished. These impact transformed with an aesthetic sense of creative art into an idea which is later shaped into MAGMA. This piece of handmade art is generated with a secure experience of nature. Our artist sketched the pieces as due drops fall of pearl. The natural events which we see form naked eyes are indescribable; therefore, we tried to engrave it in the Designing of Furniture Art.

MAGMA is all for those whose earnest desire is always looking for something new. The overall structure from the upper plane to the base of the table is handmade, which requires a lot of hard-work with several processes far from the conception of the industrial processes. The size and finishing of the color are fully customized because customers can bring their best experiences, which suits their personalities. To keeping the idea of rigidity and integrity, the structure of the table is composed of a 5 mm thick metal alloy. It is made with a special kind of iron alloy to make ensured sustainability and rigidity. The real beauty of MAGMA is its due drops, which is not easy to make. Several processes are done to make them unique. Refine quality of aluminum is used for drops of MAGA to look brilliantly. This modern, stylish Magma is available with the varieties of the colors that are international RAL folder. The Special limited edition of MAGMA is available in different shades like Silver, Pink Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and Chromed colors are available with unique liquid painting furnishes.

If you wish to spend with beautiful moments, saturated yourself with Handmade Italian Beauty. You must have a piece of MAGMA into your Creative Furniture taste. We have kept in mind the preciosity of our product; therefore, the shipment of Magma is taking place in a wooden box.

Technical details

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