Manny Khoshbin

Mavimatt’s mighty magnate client, Manny Khoshbin.

Manny Khoshbin. What a man.

We’re continually making new friends, and crafting new client relationships at Mavimatt, many of which we hope will last a lifetime. That’s the kind of people we are – sociable, approachable and open-minded (the same can be said for the products we create).

We’d like to introduce you to a very special friend of ours – Manny Khoshbin. Real estate investor, super-successful entrepreneur, author, multi-millionaire, influencer and all-round cool guy – Manny, we’re honored to have you as a loyal and valued customer.

Check out his Instagram out at

Yes, that is our UFO chair in several of his Instagram shots. Actually, quite a few UFOs. But then, one UFO chair would never be enough for Manny Khoshbin – so we built several, all bespoke and shipped directly to his home in the States. Clearly Manny has taste, and (as you can see from his Instagram account) an enviable array of supercars.

Out of this world is a good place to begin.

Like we said, Manny had to have not just one but a small army of our ‘Unidentified Furniture Object’ chairs or UFOs for short. Matchless in their beauty, made with the utmost comfort in mind and finished with the finest of touches – you could say the UFO chair, in many ways, mirrors the type of car Manny collects. Take your pick from Bugatti, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes and many more – a tantalisingly unique supercar collection with a $30 million price tag. We’re dying to see what he picks up next or what he wants us to exclusively create. Everything is bespoke and anything is possible. As Manny will concur.