Meteora is a new and sophisticated in a Mavimatt’s furniture house. There’s something about art in furniture: the look of it, the feel of it, even the smell of it screams sophistication. It’s not by chance that fiberglass is the preferred material for handmade furniture – even today, when alternatives are so readily available. We transform this most traditional material into beautiful handmade pieces. Every bit, every design is unique, made for individual customers who wanted something special. Imagine how Mavimatt furniture could transform your home.

We offer the best quality handmade furniture in the shape of Meteora. The pouf is highly customisable depending on the requirements of the client and its structure is entirely constructed with fiberglass or carbon fibre body. The limited edition of the pouf is fully made of carbon fibre whereas the standard version is made of fiberglass. The inner side of the pouf is made of foam rubber, which gives more comfort with the great feeling of relaxation. The outer side of the seat is crowned with pure natural leather or fabric on the demand of the customers. The choices of colours have been made for Meteora chassis, and it has multiple varieties of RAL folder colours like matt or polished. The finishing takes place with yield quality of rose gold, yellow gold, silver, and all chrome colours that are perfect for handmade furniture. Each of its pieces are handcrafted, one at a time for superior quality and good old-fashioned taste. We take great pride in our work and hope you will enjoy using our sturdy, functional, reliable, and creative products. Mavimatt design what you need and want. Our design services include working with you or your design professional to create a model combining the best of form and function to meet your needs and desires. The shipping of Meteora is done in cardboard boxes designed to protect your precious new peiece of art.

Technical details

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