NINFEA is a delicately elegant addition in the beauty of furniture line. The creativity of art inspires more than nature, and this is only possible when the person knows the secret of enchanting designs. The formation of designing the objects is the gorgeous masterpiece of art—the Secrets of the creative handcrafts given by mother nature. The best artists are those who provide the best shape to their innovative ideas and get inspired within the nature that offers. MAVIMATT decided to shape these enchanting ideas into reality and serve to the world with such sophisticated creative designs. We enhanced by the emotions and vibrations of the water lily. Our soul and eyes have caught the sight and mold it in our aesthetic, creative beauty form where the “NINFEA table” originates. This Creative Beauty is just a rare pearl in its style and uniqueness.

The excellent artwork is consisting of a table. It is not an easy task to obtain the shape well into NINFEA table; rather, it is a complicated process which requires a lot of handmade efforts and skills. All the struggles made after studied the US in great detail to ensure flawless artistic essences of designing the table. The size of the table is customized on the requirements of the clients. By keeping the idea of rigidity and integrity, the structure of the table is composed of 8 mm thick metal. It is made with special kind of iron alloy to make ensured sustainability and rigidity. A well-settled buttonhole with processing carried out the manual grinding. The finishing takes place with a powder-coated matte, but glossy finishing liquid painting is done on the demand of customers. Both have extreme levels of glossiness of furnishing; Glossy paint helps to maintain the shininess which reflects lightest into the specular direction. The other flat colours diffuse the light in a range of angles. This marvel style table is available with the varieties of the colours that are international RAL table. The limited edition of NINFEA is available in different shades like Silver, Pink Gold, Yellow Gold, and Chromed colours are available with unique liquid painting furnishes.

If you wish to spend with beautiful moments, saturated yourself with Handmade Italian Beauty. We have kept into mind the preciosity of the table; therefore, it delivers to the customer with great care and packed into the wooden box.

Technical details

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