As we evolve our homes too, is a famous proverb from where the idea of this product is generated. As we romantic and modern our furniture products too, the most romantic and fascinating beauty is invisible to the eyes. And it is precisely designed for those who appreciate the hidden romantic beauty of the objects. That’s why we have created an extraordinary new “OPERA” design element. It is a unique designing object in the handmade furniture family. The entire romantic beauty of the chair is only enjoyed by immersing yourself in its seat. OPERA can be confused in your interior as a simple decoration object, but the invisible secret inside is the new seating concept that you can experience.

This lightweight object has a muscular rigidity. OPERA is designed with intense care; it is crafted delicately by the artist. The real beauty of the chair is hidden in its structure. The designing structure of the chair consists of a metal 2.5 mm thick composite alloy; a perfect material is used to make sure the rigidity and integrity. This object has dual nature as it allows to be resistant but at the same time very lightweight. The front part of the metal structure is covered by hand with a particular elastic fabric available in different colours, washable and stain-resistant. The hidden beauty and precious feature of the Opera is its seat where people sit with comfort. The seat is made of stretchable fabrics, and the idea is generated by MAVIMATT to provide the marvellous modern designs for the rest of the world. OPERA chair instantly follows your body’s movements and give a natural feel when rocking. This work of handmade art will not disappoint you in terms of relaxing comfort thanks to the great artists to accommodate any seat morphology. The metal structure of OPERA is completed with highly resistant and long-lasting paints.

You may think to get a pretty beautiful thing in MAVIMATT’S Furniture house, so to keep in mind that the shipment of OPERA will take place in Cardboard boxes.

Technical details

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