Welcome to PANAMA coffee table, this is our latest design and art masterpiece, totally handmade in Italy for you. This unique piece of design is designed taking inspiration from the timeless lines of the famous PANAMA hat, and transforming them into an object that could become functional in a living environment. the structure of the PANAMA coffee table is made with a special resin fiber specially designed and made by us with a thickness of a few millimeters, which provides it with lightness and at the same time a strong resistance. The perimeter band, on the other hand, is made by our expert blacksmiths in a metal alloy with a thickness of two millimeters, which is manually inserted and then welded to the PANAMA body. The final coloring of PANAMA is done entirely by hand, with the application of paints from the automotive world that allow it a strong resistance to wear and a duration of the color shades that will last over time. Each PANAMA coffee table is unique as the customer can customize it with infinite shades of colors in matt, glossy or chrome finishes. The special limited edition of the PANAMA coffee table, is made with the structure in pure carbon fiber, in a glossy or matt finish.

Technical details