the 100% Italian design table

Mavimatt provides the best quality on its design pieces and the Anubi table is undoubtedly an undisputed example of this. It is made with a top in old oak wood, handmade. The plan has natural cracks and in these “veins,” our goldsmiths then go to pour real 18kt gold. In addition, the legs of these tables are made of aluminum to give it a solid visual and structural impact.

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Anubi is a precious piece of furniture because it is a 100% Italian design table designed and thought for every type of space. Our designers created ANUBI as a versatile work of art, that finely and elegantly integrates into any context, adapting perfectly to the various types of pre-existing furniture.

Famous for prestige

The upper floor of Anubi is made of centuries-old oak wood boards with a thickness of 6 centimeters, which makes it robust and stable. Thanks to the work of our expert artisans who know how to transform ideas and emotions into actual design elements, the style of this table remains completely natural. Within its veins, then, with the mastery and experience that distinguish them, our goldsmiths insert real 18kt, yellow, rose or silver gold, making each vein on the top different from any other, so that every piece produced is truly a unique work of art. Alternatively, it’s possible to fill the grain of the top with metal alloy painted in silver, chrome, or RAL colors.
The four legs of Anubi are made of metal alloy and powder coated or liquid painted, according to the selected color of the top’s grain.
The size of Anubi is customizable, and this is reflected by wooden-case packaging to best adapt to the volume of the table and ensure maximum safety during transport.

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Can change color according to your tastes