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  • pouf Meteora

    We only offer objects with a unique and recognisable design, and it is precisely from this idea that we have created Meteora, a design pouf that will send you into orbit because of its beauty. This pouf, like the other masterpieces made by Mavimatt, is highly customisable according to customer requirements.

  • Panama Coffee Tabletavolino caffe panama coffee table

    Panama, our modern coffee table with a minimalist style: a masterpiece of design and art, totally handmade in Italy by our expert craftsmen. This design object was designed taking inspiration from the timeless lines of the famous Panama hat that give it style and character, distinguishing it from the various coffee tables you can find on the market today.

  • alunitelamp alunite lampada

    Our first object created to illuminate and amaze your interior. Alunite has been designed with a simple but at the same time complex design. It is made with a fibreglass and carbon fibre structure, completely handcrafted by our expert craftsmen without any kind of industrial process, in order to be able to give it this unique and unparalleled shape.