Tigran Tsitoghdzyan

Mavimatt’s UFO chair. From one artist to another.

Dear Tigran. Enjoy take off in your very own UFO.

Tigran Tsitoghdzyan is a New York based artist, originally from Armenia. Forgive us Tigran, but your name is just about as cool/unusual as the UFO chair we were delighted to design for you.

As a world-renowned, award-winning painter, we were only too happy to create Tigran his very own UFO – the type you sit and relax upon (not the sci-fi kind). 

Get ready for the ride of your life.

As the saying goes ‘They say a thing of beauty is a joy forever’. We were certainly overjoyed when Tigran asked us to make a UFO chair for his new villa in Erevan, Armenia.

And Tigran knows all about beautiful creations. Check his Instagram @tigrantsi – his paintings are quite unusual yet unbelievably beautiful. We fell in love with his work as soon as we saw it. And we’re not his only fans – with over 83K Instagram followers, we were honored to create a bespoke UFO chair for a hugely respected craftsman.   

ET, eh sorry, TT… your UFO awaits. (H3)

You don’t need to be a famous artist or designer to own a handcrafted UFO chair. In fact, the more diverse our client-base the better. Our aim is to share and showcase Mavimatt décor and furnishings wherever we can. We want the world to be delighted and excited by our work. Whether it’s for a select few or a wider, global clientele – we’re happy. Hey, we’re always happy; and lucky enough to create furnishings that are loved by those who’re already familiar with our fun, bespoke brand.

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