UFO Chair: Monopoly Limited Edition

We are pleased to introduce you to an exclusive limited edition version of our Monopoly UFO Chair. This limited edition is produced in very few pieces worldwide. The shell is fully hand-painted by our skilled artist using a special technique that utilizes an airbrush. Each shell of this exclusive edition is designed with a different illustration. Through the shell of Mavimatt’s UFO chair, you can admire the walls of the cities on which the American artist has worked. Satirical street art meets our luxury furniture, a unique combination.

The seat of the chair is made with a soft covering of natural leather, with the option to choose the color of the leather for this Monopoly limited edition. In this way, you will have the opportunity to personalize part of the UFO chair Edition Monopoly. Much more than a simple piece of furniture: it is a unique sensory experience that combines the beauty of Italian-American design with the comfort and functionality of an exclusive piece of furniture.

The Monopoly UFO Chair will be exhibited at an art gallery in Singapore

The limited edition Monopoly UFO chair will be showcased at a prestigious art gallery in Singapore. Selected as a highly valuable piece of art, it will be placed at the entrance of the gallery, welcoming visitors with elegance. Its distinctive presence represents a unique opportunity to admire the excellence of Italian design up close. Every detail of the chair, carefully crafted by hand with great skill, embodies the essence of an unparalleled work of art.

Its futuristic shape evokes the imagination of space adventure, arousing feelings of wonder and admiration. What does the cosmic perspective teach us? That we are all one great people. The shell of this limited edition represents cosmic art that unites American and Italian art. Its ergonomic, soft and comfortable seating embraces the body in a cozy hug, offering moments of pure relaxation and well-being. In this exclusive edition, the excellence of Italian design meets that of American art, through an unprecedented collaboration.

UFO Chair: A Space Journey towards Comfort

The internal structure of the Monopoly Edition UFO chair has been designed to adapt to different body shapes, ensuring a high level of comfort. On the other hand, the outer shell is handcrafted piece by piece, without the use of industrial processes, to guarantee the utmost craftsmanship quality. As its name suggests, the UFO chair is an unidentified furniture object that plays heavily on creativity, so unique that it reaches almost alien heights.

The main structure of the UFO is made entirely of high-quality materials such as fiberglass or carbon, which provide great durability and resistance over time. In this limited edition, there are very few pieces available, so we can attribute UFO Chair Monopoly edition with a status of rarity. The upholstery of the seats is made with the finest materials that Italian artisan tradition can offer. The top grain leather and high-quality fabrics give the furnishing element a timeless elegance, making it an authentic symbol of style and sophistication. Thanks to the special layering of the internal foam, made with different densities, the body fits onto a comfortable surface.

The spherical shell, with its ability to support the entire weight of the object, offers perfect balance on a single point on the ground. The result is a lightweight and graceful element that can rotate without ever losing balance, thanks to the perfect weight distribution. In a way, it reminds us of the legend that UFOs are able to overcome the law of inertia.

At Mavimatt, we are proud of this extraordinary collaboration. We greatly appreciate contemporary art, and our passion has guided us in creating the Limited Edition Monopoly UFO chair.