U.F.O. S

U.F.O. S is another new edition, a perfect masterpiece, and a mouthpiece of creative handicrafts matchless in its beauty and originality. We have created U.F.O. S a new version to believe that custom designs are good enough to keep your home with the furnishings that enhance your life. A customized version of U.F.O. S helps you to perfect your taste for Art with the expert skills of the artisans.

U.F.O. S is the perfect combination of designing creative Art in furniture. Its beauty and originality are not the only distinctive features of this piece of Art; instead, its seat is composed of foam to keep different types of densities that are arranged in various layers. The foam of the seat is selected and coupled by hand to ensure a perfect ergonomic deformation for this masterpiece furniture. Authenticity is ensured by an identification plate in real bronze, made by one of our artisan goldsmiths. U.F.O. S is the base edition of U.F.O.

Expert artisans deal with the hand stitching of the natural Fabric upholstery, choose from the best offers on the Italian market. The Seat of U.F.O. S is stitched with Fabric rather than Leather. The possibility of sartorial customization for this jewel in designing of furniture is summarized in 24 different colors available for the fabric of the seat. The pure fabric material is used to crowing the seat. The external chassis of the frame is realized only in two colors, White and Black. The design of U.F.O. S Art amazes with the finishing of the shell that is made in matt.