U.F.O. Tailor Made

MAVIMATT designs are not cutting-edge statements of modern fashion, but rather a synthesis of what has been given to us by designers and artisans of the past. They are timeless and matchless style or fashion, have relevance across centuries to the cultures. U.F.O. TAILOR MADE is the best hand worthy edition in the series of U.F.O, as the name suggested the customers can participate in the process of designing. It means whatever the design and the material are used on UFO is made with the customer’s consent. The tailors do the Same process; you just told them about the design you want. And the same process is done on U.F.O. TAILOR MADE. The chassis of U.F.O. TAILOR MADE is made with leather and whatever the design you want to put on the leather chassis like diamonds, stars, sketching of crocodile, lion, flowers, or we will make any other design. Designing creative art is not the name of creation; instead, it includes strong emotions and passions. Thus, the TAILOR version beholds the feelings and desires of their customers.

Each piece of this version is mainly custom-designed that represents the aesthetic emotions which are utterly meet the needs of customers. The interest in giving a final touch to your U.F.O. has always been high.