Meet the founder – Mattia Travaini.

Renowned for the production of contemporary, luxury, handmade furniture, Mavimatt may be world-famous but they may also be a name you’re not familiar with. Yet. After all, they do have an Instagram following of over 70K (check them out and follow at @mavimatt). Pretty impressive for a relatively unfamiliar, albeit completely out-of-this-world furniture company that specialises in bespoke handmade masterpieces.

Combining inspiration with imagination.

And the ingenious maverick behind this company of matchless décor and design? Mattia Travaini – as CEO and founder, Mattia, born 1992, began his inspiring and hugely imaginative journey at art school in Italy. Since then Mattia’s been keenly kept busy perfecting his craft.

Since founding Mavimatt in 2013, Mattia has played a key role in a diversity of artisanal companies. Over the years he’s discovered and learnt about working with different materials and various lavations that he continues to use today. From the magical UFO chair to products that would only feature in your wildest dreams – everything is made-to-measure, tailored to perfaction and utterly unique. There are no limits in regard to the materials, form and technology that Mavimatt explore.

It’s hard to imagine how Mattia sees what the future holds. He already holds it. He, and his company Mavimatt, are the future of furniture design. Mattia and his team continue to create and conjure up the unthinkable.

A final word from Mavimatt’s founder

“Our work lies in non-stop designing, creating new models to achieve an increasingly improved product and to offer innovation and quality constantly”.