Luxury Handmade Italian Furniture

You Should Experience Customized Handmade Furniture At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here’s Why

Mavimatt is an Italian handmade furniture company who on a daily basis shares a wide range of experiences to their customers from all over the world through unique designs of customized handmade pieces. Our brilliant artists use their best skills and expertise to combine conventional manufacturing methods with advanced technology. Their repertoire offers a large number of handmade Italian luxury furniture; high-quality handmade furniture is carefully created by the experts and our most skilled interior designers.


“A design and a quality that I had never seen before, I love everything they do”


“Я приехал из Санкт-Петербурга и был их клиентом в течение долгого времени, я купил у них несколько продуктов для своего дома, я могу сказать, что они имеют такое высокое качество, которого я никогда не видел. Более того, я очень доволен ими, потому что они всегда доступны в любое время, и им удается выполнить любую специальную настройку, которую я хочу. Номер один, очень хорошо”




“I became aware of this italian brand thanks to a friend of mine who had bought one of their U.F.O. chairs for his house, and as soon as i saw it, i was fascinated and i wanted to find out more about them, so i got in touch with them and in the end i also could not give up adding their own masterpiece of design to my apartment. Unreachable, unique quality. Compliments”


“I bought their NINFEA table, and with a great pleasure at the delivery of the product, the owner of the brand came personally to install it in my house, a truly special person with a unique vision in the world of design. The quality of their products is spectacular”


“Seguo questo marchio da diversi anni, sono riusciti a creare oggetti che trasmettono emozioni e credo che questa sia la chiave del successo che stanno avendo, complimenti, non posso che continuare a farmi stupire dalle loro creazioni”


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