Our approach to the projects knows no limits in regard to materials, technology and form.

Mavimatt is an Italian handmade furniture company who on a daily basis shares a wide range of experiences to their customers from all over the world through unique designs of handmade pieces. Our brilliant artists use their best skills and expertise to combine conventional manufacturing methods with advanced technology

  • Our first object that will illuminate your interiors. ALUNITE has been designed with a simple but at the same time complex design, it is made with a Fiberglass structure, folded by hand by our expert blacksmiths to be able to give this unique fold.

  • Panama Coffee Table

    Welcome to PANAMA coffee table, this is our latest design and art masterpiece, totally handmade in Italy for you. This unique piece of design is designed taking inspiration from the timeless lines of the famous PANAMA hat.

  • This lightweight object has a muscular rigidity. OPERA is designed with intense care; it is crafted delicately by the artist. The real beauty of the chair is hidden in its structure.

  • We offer the best quality handmade furniture in the shape of Meteora. The pouf is highly customisable depending on the requirements of the client and its structure is entirely constructed with fiberglass or carbon fibre body.

  • MAGMA is all for those whose deepest desire is always looking for something new. The overall structure from the upper plane to the base of the table is handmade, which requires a lot of hard-work with several processes far from that of the industrial process.

  • Mavimatt provides the finest quality of Handmade Furniture. ANUBI Table is a perfect example of this. We will work with you or your design professionally on your behalf to create pieces combining the best of form and function to meet your needs.

  • NINFEA is a delicately elegant addition of beauty to the furniture line. The creativity of art inspires more than nature, and this is only possible when the person understands the secret of enchanting designs.

  • Ufo

    choose your favorite u.f.o. editions



    U.F.O. S

    U.F.O. C

  • Another meticulously made table. Take your pick from our normal version, or one of our special editions. We say table – but being a Mavimatt table, nothing about it is quite what it seems. A furnishing that you can tailor to your exact taste and a showstopping piece for any room in your home.

  • We are proud to introduce our Kiodo table, handmade in Italy, the homeland of Design. Design and art come together and bring this table to life, an invisible surface and a sleek detail with golden finishes and legs that seem to hover a mirror where you can gaze your own figure.

  • Handmade in Italy, the sofa seamlessly blends interior design, art, and functionality. This unique collector’s piece was born from the observation of stones being smoothed by water flowing down streams.