Design products and objects for home furnishings

Mavimatt is an Italian brand of handcrafted furniture design objects that daily shares a wide range of experiences with its customers worldwide. Through unique designs and the production of handmade pieces, our designers and artisans make use of their best skills and expertise to combine conventional production methods with the most advanced technologies.

Materials, technologies, and shapes: limitless projects.

We love to innovate. Experimentation is our strength. We design our products to make environments unique. We are committed to giving each piece of our collection a highly personal and customizable character, ensuring the highest style, functionality, and comfort standards. Therefore, we like to say that we make more than furnishing elements. We create real masterpieces of craftsmanship tailored to the needs of our customers.

  • alunite

    Our first object created to illuminate and amaze your interior. Alunite has been designed with a simple but at the same time complex design. It is made with a fibreglass and carbon fibre structure, completely handcrafted by our expert craftsmen without any kind of industrial process, in order to be able to give it this unique and unparalleled shape.

  • Panama Coffee Table

    Panama, our modern coffee table with a minimalist style: a masterpiece of design and art, totally handmade in Italy by our expert craftsmen. This design object was designed taking inspiration from the timeless lines of the famous Panama hat that give it style and character, distinguishing it from the various coffee tables you can find on the market today.

  • We only offer objects with a unique and recognisable design, and it is precisely from this idea that we have created Meteora, a design pouf that will send you into orbit because of its beauty. This pouf, like the other masterpieces made by Mavimatt, is highly customisable according to customer requirements.

  • If we say that Magma is ‘the modern luxury console‘, it is precisely because it is designed to impress. With unique shapes. With innovative materials. With craftsmanship. In addition to the truly exceptional design, the structure of the console table is made of pure aluminium, processed entirely by hand, passing through different types of craftsmanship, far removed from classic industrial processes.

  • The Ninfea dining table is a unique item, designed to be different from other tables in both design and functionality. Modern in form and idea, this table is made entirely of metal, handcrafted by expert blacksmiths and finished, according to customer requirements, in matt or glossy colours from the Ral colour scale or in unique chrome finishes.

  • Mavimatt is a world renowned brand for the production of luxury design objects handmade in Italy, dedicated to the furnishing of indoor and outdoor spaces. The Ufo armchair has unparalleled and unique features that make it loved all over the world.

  • Another meticulously designed and handmade object from Mavimatt. A piece of furniture that you can adapt to your taste and liking with infinite customisations of colours and an object of art and design for every room in your home.

  • We proudly present you our Kiodo dining table, made entirely by hand in Italy, the home of design.
    Design and art come together and give life to this unique table where glass and metal come together to create this masterpiece of design. Kiodo is much more than just a glass table. It is a work of art that becomes a piece of furniture, the charm of which will enhance the home of those who wish to have it. From the living room to the dining room, from the kitchen to the study, every room will be enriched by the unparalleled beauty of this object.

  • Made entirely by hand in Italy, like all our products, Lithos is a modern sofa in which design, art and functionality blend to perfection to give life to this collector’s piece that was born and takes shape from the observation of stones being smoothed by the flow of water.

  • Sierra diamond shape table

    The Sierra coffee table also joins our collection of design objects. A masterpiece handmade coffee table in Italy for design lovers from all over the world.
    Elegance, luxury, exclusivity: that’s why we choose this unique-looking coffee table suitable for a variety of interior styles and colour combinations, in fact, its mere presence is able to brighten up and convey elegance to the room.

  • orbis

    A quick glance is enough to realize ORBIS is not a simple design product. In fact, ORBIS is a work of modern art, which goes beyond the aesthetic barrier, encroaching on an area where beauty and functionality come together in a harmonious combination.

  • Tavolino da caffè Elements coffee table

    According to Aristotle, everything that exists in nature can be traced back to four elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Earth would be the result of a primordial manifestation that from a body of heat, fire, was created through successive condensations. Based on this theory, Mavimatt has created Elements, a marble coffee table inspired by the elements of nature.

  • console evoca

    Evoca is a unique console with a design that transcends its mere function as a support and elevates the home wall to an artistic representation, giving soul to objects. Conceived by the creative mind of Mavimatt, with the collaboration of designer Raimondo Sandri, this exclusive console table design is intended for an audience that appreciates the excellence of Italian interior design.

  • tavolo Porifera sculpture table

    A one-of-a-kind table, meticulously designed to be a refined piece of furniture. The design was developed by taking inspiration from the primitive shapes of sea sponges. This is not just a simple table, but a sculpture that stimulates the senses. After months of study and planning, we are proud to finally present Porifera.

  • tavolo nido table

    We are proud to present to you the Nido Table, a work of art that delights the eyes. The table is an invitation to sit, a nest of warmth and affection where the family can share precious moments. Handcrafted by our skilled artisans and made with exquisite materials, Nido is the exclusive Made in Italy dining table.

    Now, let us sit down and savor the table with all our senses.

  • tavolino MATERIA coffee table

    Our exclusive pieces, such as the Materia Coffee Table, offer a revolutionary interpretation of matter, one could even venture to say they are a transcendent expression of it. This unique characteristic sets them apart from all the conventional furnishings saturating the market, often lacking their own identity. A coffee table has never been more than a simple piece of furniture; with the Materia Coffee Table, it becomes an innovative statement of art.

  • poltrona CHROMASIS armchair

    Mavimatt has accomplished an unprecedented feat, exclusively worldwide: Chromasis, the first chair in the world conceived with the aid of artificial intelligence. Subsequently, our specialized Made in Italy workforce has handcrafted, with care and passion, every detail of the chair. This audacious vision was made possible thanks to the collaboration with Tim Fu, a renowned designer who honed his talent in the architecture studio of the famous designer Zaha Hadid.

  • giudizio pouf

    Mavimatt is excited to introduce Giudizio, a one-of-a-kind pouf that transforms your living room into a haven of sophistication and calm. Crafted with a complex yet elegant design, it boasts an irregular shape that perfectly marries comfort with uniqueness. Handmade with meticulous care, this design piece is available in a variety of premium materials like: wood, marble, carbon fiber, and fiberglass.

  • Stealth - Mavimatt

    Proudly, Mavimatt introduces the luxury Stealth couch, a sleek creation entirely Made in Italy, featuring futuristic lines inspired by the sharp, geometric shapes of Stealth fighter jets.

  • Yalux

    Mavimatt introduces Yalux, the lamp that represents the pinnacle of modernity, characterized by a sculptural shape and a timeless aesthetic. Its distinctive element is a bubble made of blown Murano glass, the result of the art and craftsmanship of Fabio Fornasier, a renowned Murano master glassmaker.

  • Decidedly original and intriguing, here is the Lava design bookcase, whose structure evokes the harmony of nature and a refined and unique aesthetic. This bookcase was conceived thanks to an innovative construction technique discovered by our team of craftsmen, with the aim of surprising those who love design and art.