“If you can dream it, we can make it”


Mavimatt was founded in 2013, has been offering a line of unique handmade furniture and home décor. We offer a wide range of experiences to customers from all over the world with unique designs of handicrafts. Mavimatt provides high-quality handmade furniture, including home décor products, that are sure to add charm and beauty. We offer joint progress along with our client, who is always a dynamic part of our designing process. We update our designs with a large range of material after researching and testing to guarantee the customers.



Consequently, Mavimatt is the name of a unique brand that is known as the eloquent handmade Italian furniture, a renowned company of international standards in styles and efficient matchless designs for Handicraft’s heritage. Its universal noteworthiness is able to offer numerous collections of extravagance furniture for the living room, extending from tables, chairs, sideboards, bookcases, couches, lights, rockers and little tables to its elite pool tables, poker tables, roulette, and chess tables. The most admiring feature of the company is a delicate carving on Italian furniture; our designers do not abstain from variant skills and innovative ideas. Artist uses their best creativity to pour out the wood in furniture that stands out due to its adequate exclusive finishing. Italian luxury furniture has continuously been impressive. The inventiveness in Italy is still propelled by history.

Brand Vision


It is becoming increasingly difficult to find unique and 100% original handmade furniture; the reason is many furniture brands selling contemporary furnishings. At Mavimatt, we are committed to creating unique home décor products and high-quality Italian handmade furniture to last for the new generation to come. Our brand is being gone viral, and the reason for being so famous is that every producing piece of wooden art is strong and sturdy. The sole purpose of craftsmen’s effort is to create a great work of art. Each bit of their work incorporates a tinge of history in it. This brings history to the cutting edge of the world. Inevitably, the major reason why this handmade furniture brand is prominent is the artistic, creative abilities of the expert craftsmen.


The design, shape, and choice of the product are customized according to the customer’s requirement. We have a vast set of choices to satisfy our customers. Our carefully assembled, natural wooden furniture is the unspoiled addition to any home. If you are incapable to discover what you’re trying to find at our shop? We are happy to make any custom pieces just for you. All you would like to do is let us know what you’re seeking out for, and we are going to do our best. Mavimatt has something for you. We make custom furniture designs, contact us for more inquires. Dedicating in domestic, handmade furniture designs, our creative artists take motivation from sourcing existing wooden pieces and rejoicing them. Whether it’s an embellishing stepping stool, bud vase, or enriching grower, each piece in our showroom has been handcrafted by us. We take extraordinary pride in our designs and construct each thing with great consideration and attention. Our high-quality handmade furniture and domestic wooden pieces are more than the things in your home. We have made no compromise on the quality of our product; each piece of handicraft furniture is made with attention to detail that’s unmatched.



“Our work lies in non-stop designing, creating new models to achieve an increasingly improved product and to offer innovation and quality constantly”

Mattia Travaini