Every Mavimatt product is uniquely handmade and custom-designed

We follow our customer during the whole shopping experience, from the very first phase to the final delivery of the design element. We also clarify every single aspect of the purchase, so as to guarantee an unique and inimitable experience.


The customer gets in touch with us by email or social media


The customer will be accompanied by a member of our team during the whole shopping experience. This member of the team will clarify every specific detail of the customer’s request, from the choice of the design element to the delivery


Our team will provide the customer with a quote, considering all the specifics of the possible order that the client could possibly place


After the confirmation of the quote with the receipt of first payment, Creation process of designing art will begin.


When the project is completed and the design work is ready for the customer we will inform them of that, and only on request, we will organize the shipment

Payment Procedures

We have international customers from all over the world; therefore, the easiness of the customer’s payment should be given through different payment sources like Wire Bank transfers, Credit Card, Paypal and Stripe.