italian designer and CEO of Mavimatt

Mattia Travaini is an Italian designer who draws from his creativity to create great masterpieces of design, handmade, customer-tailored and renowned all over the world. He’s the leader at Mavimatt, an innovative company devoted to producing contemporary design objects, luxury furnishings and handmade furniture.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that Mavimatt’s Instagram page is followed by over 100K people, spanning a market that embraces people from East to West and consistently meeting their tastes and aesthetic sensibilities.

Combining inspiration with imagination.

Mattia Travaini, CEO of Mavimatt, began his thrilling and incredibly imaginative journey into the world of innovation and art driven by the desire to join the ranks of the most famous Italian designers.

Since then, he worked to constantly improve every aspect of his craft by digging into all the secrets of the most refined techniques of the artisan companies that have made the ‘Made in Italy’ great.

Over the years, he has learned how to work with many materials and techniques that he still put in the game to characterize Mavimatt productions.

From the magical UFO armchair to the products that would only be present in the wildest dreams, everything is tailor-made, with authentic design pieces that boast perfection and uniqueness as their strengths. There are no limits in materials, shape, and technology; Mavimatt’s existence is committed to exploring new frontiers and taking Design beyond imagination.

“Our job consists of designing relentlessly, creating new models to obtain better design products. Our real strength is to offer our customers the substance of innovation, quality and comfort, astonishing in the form of creative and innovative ideas”.