DLMVT: the merger between Danilo Di Luca and Mavimatt

We at Mavimatt are always ready to accept new challenges and this collaboration together with the Italian cycling champion Danilo Di Luca is the perfect representation of our mission.
DLMVT is a work of art that arises from the merger of the vision between Danilo di Luca and Mavimatt’s technology.

In fact, DLMVT was born from the abbreviation between the two brands of Di Luca and Mavimatt, the sculpture was created thanks to the collaboration with a great Italian cycling champion such as Danilo Di Luca.

Who is Danilo Di Luca: the cycling killer

A career that began at the age of just 8, won 54 professional races, winner of the Giro d’Italia in 2007, known as the “Killer” of cycling, that’s who Danilo Di Luca is.
Today Danilo has founded Di Luca Bike, a project that has given way to a new era of racing bike design, with particular attention to the processing of carbon and the components of the bikes to create a product of the highest level and with a unique style.
Danilo Di Luca after years of racing realizes the need for how important it is for a professional to have a custom racing bike that was innovative, functional and made with high quality materials.

Thanks to the meeting between Di Luca Bike’s artisans and Mavimatt specialists, we were able to create DLMVT, a one-of-a-kind sculpture that will drive cycling and design lovers crazy.
We were happy to collaborate in the creation of this design work as Danilo is not only an icon of Italian sport but fully represents the philosophy of Mavimatt which is committed to the use and creation of top-of-the-range artisan products.

How the DLMVT sculpture was made

The sculpture represents Danilo Di Luca in a stylized version where he supports his bicycle, taking up the position of the cyclists, once the finish line has been reached.

The black color was chosen for both the sculpture and the bicycle, the black frame is also in high modulus carbon while the statue was made with a particular and innovative material in fiberglass and carbon, even the wheels are in carbon. In fact the total weight of the bicycle is 6,8KG.
Subsequently, the yellow color that symbolizes power is applied by hand by an artist and the color is applied by pulling it almost on the bike and the statue to recreate the effect of the wind that accompanies the cyclist at the end of the race until the arrival towards the finish line.
The bicycle is equipped with electronic wireless shifting and is a great example not only of design but of excellence in the world of racing bikes.

The sculpture will be made in a single black and yellow finish but the size of the bicycle and the frame will be customizable according to the customer’s specifications in full Mavimatt style.

Technical details


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