Luxury Floor Lamp

Italian Luxury Floor Lamps

Mavimatt offer a stunning collection of revered furniture and luxury floor lamp designs that inspire and spark the imagination. Each of our expertly designed pieces can be fully customised and handcrafted to meet your exact and unique specifications. Our skilled designers will tailor and modify the colour, finish, and material to go wherever your imagination takes you, and create a truly one-of-a-kind bespoke floor lamp for generations to enjoy.


The contemporary design of our ALUNITE floor lamp is a sight to behold. Form meets function in this ultra-sleek, imposing design that utilises a complex and sophisticated structure to create a distinctive and striking luxury floor lamp. Blend the design into the décor of your space by choosing from an extensive range of attractive colours and appealing finishes.

100% Handmade Floor Lamps

Our handmade floor lamps are fashioned using time-honoured manufacturing methods and assembled by our close team of expert craftsmen. We juxtapose a blend of modern and traditional materials to push the boundaries of lighting design and create stunning bespoke floor lamps to illuminate any setting.

Our ALUNITE designer floor lamp is constructed from fiberglass, which is expertly manipulated to create the unique, hand-finished curved fold that the design is recognised for. This beautiful structure shrouds an advanced LED lighting system that enables this bespoke floor lamp to adapt to the natural and ever-changing conditions in your space and respond with the perfect lighting intensity.

Bespoke Designer Floor Lamps

Our collection of exquisite pieces can be fully customised, or we can work with you to create a completely bespoke floor lamp, designed from scratch. Together with a design expert we can bring your vision to life or generate new and exclusive concepts to work with your unique space and setting. Our bespoke Italian floor lamps are 100% handmade with premium materials to last a lifetime.