Carbon Fibre Furniture

Carbon Fibre Furniture

Mavimatt offer a stunning collection of luxury carbon fibre furniture, including luxury sofas, designer armchairs, and bespoke coffee tables. We are globally recognised for our contemporary application of traditional techniques, and our imaginative use of modern materials – including carbon fibre. Each of our expertly designed carbon fibre furniture pieces can be fully customised to meet your exact colour, finish, and design preferences.

U.F.O Carbon Fibre Sofa

The grand U.F.O carbon fibre rocking chair is one of the most celebrated and recognised pieces in our collection, combining modern engineering and luxury materials with traditional furniture design. A single spherical shell is the genius of this carbon fibre armchair. The design allows the sofa to gently rock and move with the distribution of weight, as the user makes themselves comfortable in the internal cushioned leather seating.

METERORA Carbon Fibre Armchair

Our METEROA carbon fibre armchair takes inspiration from the U.F.O, using the same blend of materials to create a more subtle – but non-the-less striking – piece of luxury seating. The moulded form of this statement chair is made from tough carbon fibre, which can be finished with a smooth matte coating or a high-gloss sheen, and the inner seat is completed with fine Italian leather for comfort and durability.

PANAMA Carbon Fibre Coffee Table

Modelled on the design of the iconic Panama hat, the special edition of our PANAMA coffee table is hand-built using carbon fibre. This material lends itself perfectly to the fluid shape of this innovative coffee table, which is the talking point of every room in which it proudly sits. The PANAMA carbon fibre coffee table can be customised with a range of finishes and coloured metal alloy bands, which are hand-crafted by our expert blacksmiths.

Bespoke Carbon Fibre Furniture

Our collection of carbon fibre furniture designs can be customised to suit your space and taste, or we can create a completely bespoke carbon fibre furniture design exclusively for you. Our artistic experts will take a detailed brief to really understand your vision for the piece, where it will sit, and how it will look. We can incorporate materials and styles you gravitate towards and offer inspiration and recommendations to ensure that the finished piece is nothing short of spectacular. We will then construct your carbon fibre furniture piece by hand for an exceptional, one-of-a-kind finish.