a truly spatial design pouf

We only offer objects with a unique and unrepeatable design and it is precisely from this idea that we have created Meteora, a design pouf that will send you into orbit. This pouf, like the other pieces produced by Mavimatt, is highly customizable according to the customer’s needs, while its structure is entirely made of fiberglass or pure carbon.

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Meteora is a new addition to Mavimatt’s line of design objects. There is something about art in furnishing: its appearance, its fragrance. The Meteora pouf was designed taking inspiration from space capsules, where everything must be essential.

Meteora is part of the classification of the most evocative modern poufs because in addition to being highly customized in color according to customer needs, its structure is entirely built with fiberglass or carbon fiber shell. The limited edition of the Pouf is entirely made of carbon fiber, while the other standard version is made of fiberglass.

The inner part of the pouf, the seat, is made of a special foam rubber of various densities, which offers greater comfort with an extraordinary feeling of relaxation. The seat is covered with pure natural leather or fabric at the request of customers.

Different colors can be chosen both for the outer shell of Meteora and the inner seat.

The finish of the external shell is powder-coated in the matt or glossy variants of RAL international scale colors. The colors available for the inner seat in leather are 51, while those for the fabric version are 24.

The limited edition versions of this design pouf are made with a liquid painted outer shell in rose gold, yellow gold, silver and all colors in chrome finish; furthermore, carbon lovers can enjoy our special version of Meteora with an all-carbon body, in a glossy or matt transparent finish.

Meteora is shipped in a three-wave cardboard box to ensure total safety during transport.


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