a truly spatial design pouf

We only offer objects with a unique and recognisable design, and it is precisely from this idea that we have created Meteora, a design pouf that will send you into orbit because of its beauty. This pouf, like the other masterpieces made by Mavimatt, is highly customisable according to customer requirements.

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The design of the Meteora pouf was conceived taking inspiration from space capsules, where everything has to be essential and functional. We put our design team to the test to succeed in making this unique product a reality.

First class materials

Meteora falls into the classification of the most exclusive modern poufs because in addition to being highly customised in colours and finishes, according to customer requirements, its structure is made entirely of fiberglass or carbon fibre.
The pouf’s seat, on the other hand, is made entirely by hand from several layers of a special foam rubber of various densities, which offers unparalleled comfort combined with an extraordinary sensation of relaxation when in use. The seat is then upholstered by our expert upholsterers with natural leather, fine fabrics or alcantara. Colour choices can be made for both Meteora’s outer chassis and the colour of the inner seat. We have made several editions of Meteora to meet our customers’ customisation needs. To guarantee authenticity, an aluminium identification plate made by one of our goldsmiths is hand-applied to the shell of each ottoman.

Unique and exclusive customisations

Meteora is produced in three main versions. The Ral edition, the Chrome edition and finally the exclusive Carbon Fibre edition.

The Ral edition is made with a fiberglass chassis worked entirely by hand by our craftsmen while its seat, in this edition, is upholstered with natural leather or fine fabrics available in different colours. On this edition it is possible to customise the colour of the shell by choosing from the various colours of the Ral scale in gloss or matt finish. The finish is achieved with ‘liquid’ varnishing.

The Chrome edition is a special version, its chassis is made of fibreglass, processed completely by hand, while its seat is upholstered by our expert upholsterers with natural “primofiore” leather, with velvet or with alcantara, in different shades. It will also be possible to choose the colour of the stitching on the seat. The exclusivity of this edition lies in its finish, which, thanks to innovative techniques, is made with a special chrome varnish. The colours available are rose gold, yellow gold, silver and various chrome colours.

Finally, the most exclusive version of the Meteora is the Carbon edition. This masterpiece is made with a chassis made entirely of carbon fibre by means of a special autoclave process. The seat comes with upholstery in natural ‘primofiore’ leather, velvet and alcantara, in various colours. Also on this edition, the colour of the seat stitching can be chosen. The finish of the carbon fibre chassis can be matt or glossy, and thanks to special inks, we give the possibility of colouring the carbon in different colours while keeping the beauty of its texture visible.

Packaging and shipping

The packaging of the Meteora pouf takes place in a custom-made wooden crate to guarantee maximum safety during the entire journey to destination.


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Each of our masterpieces is a singular work of art, shaped by hand with dedication and passion. The slight variations and imperfections that the final product may have compared to the reference images are hallmarks of our craftsmanship and enrich the uniqueness of each creation.

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