Luxury Coffee Table

Luxury Coffee Table

Our exquisite range of luxury coffee tables are manufactured by hand exclusively for you, which means each piece can be tailored to meet your vision and preferences. Our skilled designers and engineers craft each table in the blend of colours, finishes, and quality materials you desire, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind bespoke coffee table that will last a lifetime.


The HOLO coffee table is one of Mavimatt’s most striking designs, offering almost limitless options for customisation. The body of the coffee table houses hidden storage compartments and can be constructed using fiberglass in your choice of colour, with a matte, polished, or galvanatic chrome finish – or can even be sculpted in stunning marble. It is then embellished with contrasting discs which are fitted using ultramodern magnetic technology. The result is a truly customised coffee table that blends individual taste with innovative design.


Taking inspiration from the iconic Panama hat, our PANAMA design challenges conventional coffee table design with its innovative form and contemporary construction. Hand-built using metal alloy and an ultra-thin resin fibre exclusive to Mavimatt, or carbon fibre for our limited-edition models, the soft and elegant lines of this conversation-starting designer coffee table are backed up by a robust and resilient composition.

Handmade Italian Coffee Tables

Our designer coffee tables are individually manufactured by hand. Our team of specialist craftsmen utilise a blend of traditional and innovative construction methods and materials, to push the boundaries of classic furniture design. As with all Mavimatt pieces, modern style meets functional form when it comes to our range of fine Italian coffee tables, resulting in a spectacular centrepiece to transform any setting.

Bespoke Designer Coffee Tables

Both the HOLO and PANAMA designs offer a complete range of customisation opportunities and are hand-crafted to order. But if you have an alternative style in mind, we can develop a bespoke coffee table design that works within a particular space and suits your personal tastes. Whether you envisage a particular shape, have a specific material you would like to work with, or simply a style you gravitate towards, our imaginative designers can work to your precise brief and deliver an exclusive, one-off handmade coffee table.