Another meticulously made table. Take your pick from our normal version, or one of our special editions. We say table – but being a Mavimatt table, nothing about it is quite what it seems. A furnishing that you can tailor to your exact taste and a showstopping piece for any room in your home.

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When is a table not a table? Ask Mavimatt.

How about something a little different for your home? Having looked around our website you’re probably thinking ‘but every single thing you create is different’? And that’s the answer we want. We pride ourselves on home furnishings and décor with a difference. Not just a little different though – they’re hugely different. The Mavimatt difference is truly maverick. We design for the nonconformist; people with a unique style and personality.

All of which could be said about our latest product, the Holo.

The Holo may be a touch more conservative than some of our other projects – but only if you want it to be! There are two main versions, well, three actually – the normal edition and two limited editions. Less is more with the Holo, at least at first sight. But if we dissect the piece, it’s no less ‘individual’ than say the UFO chair, the Magma or the Alunite. Always bespoke, the Holo, whether the normal version or one of the limited versions is designed to be the centrepiece of any room in your home.

At Mavimatt, normality is normally far from normal

Let’s start with the normal version – its rounded fiberglass body is painted using finishing colours of your choice. These can be polished or matte. Simple, but unquestionably beautiful.

Then there are the two limited editions. The body of the first comes in a scrupulously sculpted marble – take your pick from black or white.

The second limited edition offering is again precisely handmade with a fiberglass body. But it’s the finishing colours that really jump out at you. We call them ‘galvanic chrome’ colours – choose from silver, gold, rose gold, yellow gold or something of a mix. You choose, or we’ll help you to choose a colour scheme that fits perfectly with the your room’s décor. Of course, being a Mavimatt creation, we don’t stop there. Inside the body we have fit carefully placed magnets. Their magnetism is used to attach striking circular discs made from a sheet metal that has been ingeniously dreamt up by our designers.

Both normal and special edition Holos will be fitted with magnets – it’s your choice exactly where. Or simply leave it to us. The normal Holo will feature normal matt or polished coloured discs (red, blue, yellow etc), while the special edition Holos will boast chrome colours – and even comprise a uniquely considered texture within the design. If you desire.

The key feature on all three versions are the 3 big circles on top – they act like storage holes. Push the circle and it will open – it’s like a secret storage space – for you to fill with tour favourite bottles of spirits, magazines, cigars or even a Mavimatt brochure – anything you choose.

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