Luxury Sofa

Luxury Sofas

Mavimatt offer a spectacular collection of hand-crafted Italian furniture, including luxury sofas, bespoke armchairs, and statement occasional seating. Each of our outstanding pieces are individually handmade to order and can be tailored and to meet your exact colour, finish, and material preferences. Our skilful furniture designers work with you to create a one-of-a-kind bespoke sofa that is both impressive and enduring.


The U.F.O sofa is one of the most distinguished and celebrated pieces in Mavimatt’s portfolio and has garnered global acclaim – placing it amongst some of the most iconic chair designs of all time.

The spherical contour of the U.F.O sofa is handmade from a single piece of moulded carbon fibre and fibreglass that can be beautifully customised in an unlimited range of colours, graphics and finishes. The robust outer balances on the weight of the user, and gently rocks for ultimate comfort. The shell encapsulates a luxury sofa, made from plush cushioning enrobed in fine Italian leather, finished with hand stitching. With infinite customisation options, this statement designer sofa is a perfect addition to any home or environment.

Italian Designer Sofas

Our designer sofas and handmade armchairs feature a contrasting blend of contemporary and organic materials. The U.F.O sofa blends the sleek and sturdy finish of ultra-modern carbon fibre with the yielding, textured quality of fine Italian leather to create a luxurious finish. The construction itself is a marriage of traditional and modern-day manufacturing methods, to create the most striking and interesting form without compromising the function of this outstanding handmade sofa.

Bespoke Sofas

Our entire collection of sought-after furniture designs can be fully customised, including our U.F.O luxury sofa. Each piece is handcrafted to order in the materials and colours that you chose, allowing for complete personalisation. But if you are searching for something truly one-of-a-kind, we can work with you to design and produce a completely bespoke sofa. Our design experts work with you to understand your brief and your vision, and can bring it to life through original and exclusive concepts. Our skilled craftsmen will then hand-assemble your bespoke Italian sofa using premium materials and expert techniques, for an outstanding finish.