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Unidentified Furniture Object

Patent N.002259689-0001 20/6/2013

Mavimatt is a world-renowned brand for the production of luxury handmade furniture dedicated to the modern ways of life. Our products are unbeatable and unmatchable; all designs are customized by the best designers to keep the traditional craft techniques. The latest technologies have been used to make things harmoniously innovative and decorative. Decorative furniture with innovative compositions which are ready to work together to
accentuate the beauty of the silhouettes.

UFO as the name suggested, Unidentified Furniture Object a great masterpiece of creative art. Unparalleled in its beauty, versatile in its composition and enhances by the handcrafted finishes. The Composition of UFO is designed to facilitate the peculiarity and individuality of each person. UFO is an enduring example of Handmade Art to cherish for many years to come.

The Composition of the rocking chair is equally as unique. The single spherical-shape of the shell is handmade; the latest technologies have been used with the sophisticated process of the automotive. The shell is made of fiber to maintain the smoothness. The structure of UFO is penetrated within the fiberglass and carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass makes the frame durable and stiff. Carbon fiber is far more rigid, to be specific, it is approximately three times more so than steel and aluminium. Therefore, the robust material, untouchable design and the outstanding beauty of the handmade art makes it more durable and attractive than anything you’ll find on the market. Pure leather is used to crown it. The seat of the UFO is of the upmost comfort; the foam within the seat is made of different kinds of densities which are molded to create the highest comfort through a harmonious mix of softness and firmness to ensure maximum comfort. The base of the chair is designed in an innovative style; its spherical cap maintains the whole weight into balancing on one point. The most incredible feature about the design of base is that most of the chair remains frictionless and will not meet the ground, which makes UFO unique, light, and agile. With the increasing demands of the clients, Mavimatt offers two different sizes of UFOs with the same design and structure. The dimensions of both are different; the big one has a maximum external diameter of 165 centimeters, and the other has an external diameter of 125 centimeters. Both have the same high quality, flawless features and qualities.

UFO is a refined quality product created with high-quality materials which have been selected by the best artists and designers to ensure a high quality and unique aesthetic. Everything you need to spend pleasant moments, immersing yourself in all-Italian elegance and unique style. The shipping process of UFO equally as well unique. The new piece of artesian furniture will be delivered to the customers with intense care and perfection, that’s why UFO is packed inside the three waves of cardboard boxes that are fully supported to the wooden pallet to ensure the safest of journeys to its new home.

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