a singular piece of art and design

Mavimatt proudly presents Metamorfosi, a singular piece of art and design that, true to its name, shifts and transforms based on how you choose to use it. It’s not just an item, but an experience that evolves within its surrounding space.

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Design Patent N. 015060744-0002

Metamorfosi: Made in Italy that Defies Conventional Design Norms

Metamorfosi is a genuine art design object that stands out in the market for its originality: depending on how it’s placed on the floor, its function changes. It’s like owning three pieces of art in one product: a cozy armchair to relax in at the end of the day, a coffee table for enjoying your favorite drinks during conversations with friends, and a small bookshelf to keep your cherished books within reach. Like an aesthetic chameleon, it transforms under the astonished gaze of onlookers. A functional and stylish addition to your home, ready to impress and adapt with the versatility of a multifaceted artist. With Metamorfosi, we are committed to redefining the boundaries of what’s possible.

This product features geometric and modern shapes that challenge conventional design norms to elevate into something entirely new. Crafted from a special alloy of carbon and fiberglass, it is entirely handmade in Italy, piece by piece, by the skilled artisans at Mavimatt. The unique curves of Metamorfosi result from a meticulous manual process that places the excellence of Made in Italy at the forefront, creating the perfect balance between traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation. The high quality of the materials harmoniously blends with the sleek lines of futuristic design, creating a product that epitomizes the refinement and excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Furthermore, Metamorfosi, with its unique and innovative shape, enjoys a registered design.

Metamorfosi is available in two editions

Metamorfosi will be offered in two distinct editions:

  • Ral Edition. In this edition, the exterior of Metamorfosi is painted in any color from the international Ral folder, available in both matte and glossy finishes. A special type of liquid paint is applied entirely by hand by our expert painters. The interior of Metamorfosi remains always white. This edition is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Chrome Edition. This special and exclusive edition features unique chrome colors for the exterior, such as Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Silver Chrome, and other chromatic shades. These finishes are achieved through the use of special painting techniques and multiple chrome painting cycles, enabling us to create these distinct colors on the body of Metamorfosi. The Chrome Edition is recommended for indoor use.

Unique details that make a difference

Each Metamorfosi will have an identification plaque, made of aluminum, bearing the Mavimatt brand name as a mark of authenticity and craftsmanship. Like everything else, the plaque is entirely handmade by our expert jeweler.

Packing and shipping

The client will receive Metamorfosi fully packed in a custom-made wooden crate, designed to fit its dimensions and ensure maximum protection during transit from our facility to the final destination. The shipment will be carried out securely and safely.


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Ogni nostro pezzo è un’opera d’arte singolare, plasmata manualmente con dedizione e passione. Le leggere variazioni e le imperfezioni che può avere il prodotto finale rispetto le immagini di riferimento, sono segni distintivi del nostro artigianato e arricchiscono l’unicità di ogni creazione.

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