4 Products

  • MacaronMacaron

    Mavimatt has designed Macaron, a truly unique coffee table inspired by the design and colors of the exquisite French pastries, macarons. It’s an experience that turns every day into a small celebration, a chance to enjoy life’s pleasures. Macaron will surprise you with its dual function: when you need a little relaxation, it transforms into a comfortable pouf.


    Mavimatt proudly presents Metamorfosi, a singular piece of art and design that, true to its name, shifts and transforms based on how you choose to use it. It’s not just an item, but an experience that evolves within its surrounding space.

  • animaanima

    Mavimatt introduces you to Anima, the mirror that challenges conventional design norms to elevate itself to a Made in Italy sculpture.

  • orbisorbis

    A quick glance is enough to realize ORBIS is not a simple design product. In fact, ORBIS is a work of modern art, which goes beyond the aesthetic barrier, encroaching on an area where beauty and functionality come together in a harmonious combination.