the art design mirror embellished with marble

Mavimatt introduces you to Anima, the mirror that challenges conventional design norms to elevate itself to a Made in Italy sculpture.

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A luxury mirror that reflects the soul

This creation is an object of art design with essential and geometric shapes. While recalling the minimalism of the purest geometric forms, it is made with very precious materials. With its long and tapered structure, sober yet precisely crafted aesthetics, the Anima mirror stands out distinctly from mass production. This modern style communicates rigor, yet at the same time, elegance and refinement.

Why Anima? The refined and imposing shapes of this mirror allow us to reflect upon it with sharp precision, revealing itself as a gateway to our essence. Its name evokes the complexity and mystery of human identity. Look into the mirror and embark on a journey towards self-discovery. Anima is not just an object but a silent companion in the path of our inner dialogue. With elegance and simplicity, Anima invites us to look beyond the surface to grasp the beauty of who we are.

A modern mirror, crafted between precious glass and refined marble

Anima is composed of a long mirror that encompasses all four sides. What makes it truly unique are two fundamental elements: at both ends of the mirror, there are blocks of marble entirely handcrafted, piece by piece, by the skillful artisans of our Mavimatt brand.

We wanted to add another distinctive detail to make our creation even more unique: a long containment strap that runs through the entire surface of the mirror, featuring the Mavimatt logo. Available in various colors, this strap represents an unmistakable detail that nods to the fashion sector, allowing a unique combination of the design world with that of fashion, expertly blending these two universes as never before.

The Anima mirror is available in four color variations

Anima will be offered in four different editions, each in a different color:

  • Aria Edition, made with blocks of authentic white Carrara marble.
  • Etere Edition, made with blocks of black Marquina marble.
  • Fuoco Edition, made with blocks of red Verona marble.
  • Terra Edition, made with blocks of green Alpi marble.

These different colorations draw their inspiration directly from the natural world.

White, for instance, connects to the air and aims to convey a sense of lightness, purity, and essentiality. The green edition, with its blocks of luminous green Alpi marble, embodies the very essence of nature: the shades of this relaxing tone lead our minds to the harmony of forests and the refreshing freshness of countryside valleys. A shade that captures the vital energy of the earth, communicating an immediate sensation of regeneration and rebirth.

The fire edition of Anima instead takes us on a journey of passion. Its red Verona blocks evoke the intensity of the sunset and the power of the fire burning within the human soul. It is the color of passion, merging with the primordial strength of the earth.

Finally, the Etere edition, with its blocks of black Marquina marble at the ends, recalls the sense of calm and contemplation of the night, the deep reflection of the universe and our psyche.

Packaging and Shipping

The customer will receive the Anima mirror fully packaged in a customized wooden crate, tailored to fit its dimensions, ensuring maximum protection during transportation, from the company to the final destination. The transport will be carried out safely and securely, with the mirror delivered already mounted and assembled inside this crate.


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Each of our masterpieces is a singular work of art, shaped by hand with dedication and passion. The slight variations and imperfections that the final product may have compared to the reference images are hallmarks of our craftsmanship and enrich the uniqueness of each creation.

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Can change color according to your tastes