ORBIS, the Wine Rack Sculpture for Alessandro Borghese’s Restaurant

We are honored to introduce ORBIS, the wine rack sculpture crafted by Mavimatt. Our sculpture is truly one-of-a-kind, distinguished by its original style, vibrant colors, and the chosen material—authentic brushed copper. ORBIS has been selected by none other than Alessandro Borghese for his restaurant, The Luxury of Simplicity, located in Venice.

The Luxury of Simplicity, Alessandro Borghese’s Restaurant

We are thrilled that the renowned chef and TV host Alessandro Borghese chose our Mavimatt brand to feature our ORBIS product at the entrance of his restaurant, The Luxury of Simplicity, situated in Ca’ Vendramin Calergi in Venice. The fundamental character of our sculpture harmonizes perfectly with the simple yet essential setting of his restaurant, designed to create a perfect blend of clean lines and sophisticated design. Dining there promises a unique and enchanting sensory journey, where each dish is the result of meticulous research into ingredients, selected from high-quality raw materials.

Alessandro Borghese, a chef known for his overwhelming charisma and a contagious passion for the culinary world, has long been a symbol of excellence and innovation in Italy and beyond. With his unique style, he has captivated food lovers worldwide, and it is this spirit of innovation, along with his constant pursuit of Italian refinement, that led him to choose ORBIS.

A brushed copper wine holder sculpture

ORBIS is not just a wine holder; it is a true piece of art design that rises to the level of sculpture, designed with modern and essential geometric shapes. The minimalism of our creation goes hand in hand with the precious material from which it is made. ORBIS is crafted from a surface of brushed copper, a metal that conveys warmth with its luster.


The lower part is made from genuine hand-chiseled Alpine green marble, shaped with the patience and precision of our marble worker. The intense color and deep shades give the sculpture a unique personality, making it stand out in the market. These two materials, though different, are also perfectly harmonized to create a new sensory experience.

ORBIS serves as a distinguished gateway to new territories, an invitation to a journey through the folds of taste and elegance. The brushed copper that wraps around the body of ORBIS shines with a light of its own, while the Alpine green marble aims to impart a sense of nobility. We have lovingly attended to every detail of our work so that it is not merely a daily use item but something memorable.

Thus, the act of storing wines becomes a ritual, an ode to the beauty of life and the simple yet precious pleasures of taste. Let yourself be enveloped by the imposing presence of the Mavimatt piece, let it guide you through a path of discovery into the hidden treasures of the palate. With ORBIS, every sip becomes a work of art.