The UFO Ferrari Daytona SP3 Chair: A Limited Edition Dream

Mavimatt has created a piece that is unique in the world: the UFO Chair, inspired by the Ferrari Daytona SP3, the legendary sports car of Charles Leclerc.

This chair features a matte black shell, elegantly based upon which the flag of the Principality of Monaco stands out, a distinctive detail that undeniably catches the eye and adds a touch of exclusivity.

The Distinctive Ferrari Daytona SP3 Design

The UFO Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a Made in Italy artwork that transforms the traditional concept of an chair into an unprecedented experience. A living room chair thus becomes a kind of original sports vehicle that evokes the allure of the Ferrari world, almost giving the illusion of being seated in one of the famous cars. Every moment spent on it is a sensory experience that recalls the adrenaline and emotional charge of the race tracks.

Crafted with artisanal precision, the flag was entirely hand-painted by one of our artists. The seat, on the other hand, is made of leather, with black stitching designed to evoke the color of the shell. The combination of the shell’s black and the vibrant colors of the flag creates a unique contrast. The hand-painted flag and carefully stitched leather make each piece unique, with a chromatic contrast that immediately captures attention.

poltrona ufo
UFO Ferrari Daytona SP3 Chair

Luxury and Speed: A Chair Dedicated to Charles Leclerc

Mavimatt has long wished to create this undeniably unique piece in the market, dedicated to Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari Daytona SP3, a true homage to the passion for speed, luxury, and the distinctive style that characterizes the Italian brand. Leclerc has shown extraordinary talent in a short time, winning numerous titles and establishing himself as one of the most promising drivers out there. Designed to celebrate past successes and anticipate the future of technological innovation, the UFO Ferrari Daytona SP3 embodies the excellence and competitive spirit of Ferrari, which is why we were inspired by it.

This limited edition of the UFO is youthful, vibrant, and fiery, just like the young Charles Leclerc. It’s an exclusive design object. Being a limited edition, it won’t last forever.

Comfort and Uniqueness

The round shape of the UFO Ferrari Daytona SP3 ensures comfort and total ergonomics, perfectly adapting to the shape of the body and offering maximum comfort for daily relaxation moments. It has been specifically designed for this purpose: its shape means that all the load for stability is concentrated on a single point of contact with the floor, ensuring a secure sitting experience. The design of the shell has the peculiarity of leaving much of the chair without friction on the ground, which gives the UFO Ferrari Daytona SP3 a feeling of lightness, as well as the ability to rotate while maintaining perfect balance.

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