Mavimatt creates beauty again: The UFO Bitcoin

From balance sheets in boardrooms to the auction of digital art pieces, crypto is everywhere. While you can get lost in the ups and downs of the volatile crypto market, what is constant is the hype for Bitcoin and cryptocurriences in general.

We recognize that it is important to stay ahead of our competitors by constantly innovating in style and design while also working all year long just to offer the best products and services possible. So your wish is our demand. Finally, Mavimatt has delivered another masterclass UFO armchair in a Bitcoin theme. Yes, that’s right the UFO Bitcoin is now officially available!

It is a limited edition armchair, born from the request of several of our customers who love cryptocurrencies to create something exclusive dedicated to the world of these new virtual and digital currencies.  

How the UFO Bitcoin idea was born

We felt the need to complement our customers and make this armchair because they have been asking for something special and unique related to cryptocurrencies. We believe that this new technology is fascinating and wanted to create an epic piece that celebrates this new trend.

We decided to customize the body by designing the logo of the Bitcoin thanks to an italian artist who applied a replica of the logo by hand, creating a thick effect and giving it a sort of 3D effect.

The armchair was painted entirely with galvanic paint and is now available with pink, yellow and gray gold, and chrome paints while the seat is in natural first-grain leather of the various colors that the customer wants. We hope our customers enjoy it!

Why Mavimatt is one step ahead of everyone

Mavimatt’s innovation and this UFO Bitcoin are a great example of giving the customer exactly what they need to continue with their goals. For many years, Mavimatt has been delivering custom-made furniture that exceeds expectations.

We are one step ahead because not only in the innovate design and style, but also in how frequently we update our inventory. We are always looking for new ideas and materials, so we can offer our customers the best, and this UFO Bitcoin is the prove.

It’s clear that Mavimatt takes their business seriously, which is why we are always one step ahead! This limited edition armchair combines style, design, and exclusivity all into this one beautiful gem.

What do you think of Mavimatt’s UFO Bitcoin armchair? Would you like to have a piece from Mavimatt in your home or office? Let us know!