the glass table embellished with gold

We proudly present our Kiodo table, handmade in Italy, home of design. Design and art merged and gave life to this table: the surface is invisible and embellished with details with golden finishes; its legs seem to support a mirror in which to admire oneself.

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Kiodo is much more than just a table made of glass. It is a work of art combined with an element of furniture that embellishes the home of those who’ll choose to own it. From the living room to the dining room, from the kitchen to the study, every room will shine thanks to the beauty of the retro-style harmoniously tuned with modern materials.

The upper top of this suite of tables is made of glass (float type, 15 mm thick) to allow you better to admire the oval shapes of the two steel legs.

Although recalling a mirror, the shape serves a different purpose, making this table a modern fulcrum of any environment to spend time in pleasant company.

Kiodo is the transparency that is surrounded by the elegance of gold: an artisan production, made by our master goldsmith in a real gold leaf that surrounds the thickness of the glass top.

Fully customizable for an exclusive style

The color of the edge is taken up in the steel legs (and in the bases) of this work, making it unique: each Kiodo is different from the other, even if only in the process of laying the gold leaf, carried out totally by hand.

Legs (and bases) are finished with galvanizing baths to gild the surface.

The gold, leaf, which in the photo can be admired in all its shine on the thickness of the glass top, is also available in rose gold, silver and chrome colors. The same color will then be taken up again in the color of the legs… to ensure consistency and a certain “roundness” to the table, which is a piece of art more than a furnishing item.

Each model of the Kiodo table is unique in its kind because they are designed to find space inside homes of every style, always enhancing the décor.

We believe that each of our customers should have the opportunity to own a unique table that is modeled for their tastes.

Precisely for this reason, if the customer wishes, the glass top can be either painted according to specific tastes (an operation that is carried out exclusively by hand) or laser engraved with a personal motif . In addition, Kiodo allows you to color each leg, differently from each other.

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Can change color according to your tastes