the modern coffee table inspired by the iconic hat

Panama, our modern coffee table with a minimalist style: a masterpiece of design and art, totally handmade in Italy by our expert craftsmen. This design object was designed taking inspiration from the timeless lines of the famous Panama hat that give it style and character, distinguishing it from the various coffee tables you can find on the market today.

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Also part of our collection of design masterpieces is the Panama coffee table, a design element inspired by the shapes of the iconic Panama hat. We have thus adapted its famous lines to give life to an object that can become functional and impactful in any environment it is placed in.

Quality materials and special finishes

The entire structure of these coffee table is made of a special resin and carbon fibre specially designed and manufactured by Mavimatt, with a thickness of a few millimetres, which provides lightness to the element and at the same time a strong resistance. Each Panama coffee table is worked entirely by hand by Italian craftsmen, without any industrial process, this to guarantee the highest quality and exclusivity to every single piece made. The perimeter band of the coffee table creates a relief step (4 millimetres thick) from the body and this detail makes the Panama coffee table even more unique and pleasant to the touch. The part of the coffee table that rests on the floor is smoothed and polished by hand to allow perfect stability of the table with the floor. Each Panama has an aluminium identification plate that is handmade by one of our goldsmiths and applied to the perimeter band.

The painting of Panama is also done entirely by hand, with the application of liquid paints from the automotive sector that give it a high resistance to wear and tear and a long life span. We have produced several Panama editions to meet the various colour tastes of our customers. The Ral edition is offered in the various colours of the Ral scale in a glossy or matt finish with a liquid paint finish. We also offer the possibility of painting the body in a contrasting colour to its perimeter band. The galvanic edition, on the other hand, comes in exclusive colours such as rose gold, yellow gold, silver and chrome. The colours of the galvanic edition are made possible thanks to special chrome varnishing using state-of-the-art processes.

Packaging and shipping

Panama is shipped in a custom-made, all-wood case to guarantee maximum security during transport.


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Can change color according to your tastes