12 Products

  • Definitely original and intriguing, here is the LAVA design bookshelf capable of evoking the harmony of nature and a refined aesthetic with its structure. This library is developed around the discovery of a new technique studied by the team of Mavimatt, with the aim of surprising those who love design and elegance.

  • Sierra diamond shape table

    The Sierra coffee table is also part of our collection of design objects. A masterpiece handmade coffee table in Italy for design lovers from all over the world.
    Elegance, luxury, glamor: that’s why choosing this unique-looking coffee table suitable for a variety of interior styles and color combinations, in fact, its presence is able to illuminate and convey elegance to the environment.

  • lithos sofa

    Handmade in Italy, it is a modern sofa in which interior design, art and functionality blend ideally in this collector’s item born from the observation of the stones smoothed by the flowing water of the streams.

  • tavolo kiodo made in italy table

    We proudly present our Kiodo table, handmade in Italy, home of design. Design and art merged and gave life to this table: the surface is invisible and embellished with details with golden finishes; its legs seem to support a mirror in which to admire oneself.

  • tavolino caffe holo coffee table

    Another meticulously handmade item by Mavimatt. Choose between our regular version or one of our special editions. Although we call it a table, it’s a Mavimatt piece, therefore nothing is exactly what it seems. A piece of furniture that you can adapt to your exact taste and a showpiece for any room in your home.

  • orbisorbis

    A quick glance is enough to realize ORBIS is not a simple design product. In fact, ORBIS is a work of modern art, which goes beyond the aesthetic barrier, encroaching on an area where beauty and functionality come together in a harmonious combination.

  • Mavimatt is a world-famous brand for what concerns the production of handmade luxury design objects dedicated to interior furnishings, from the living room to the garage, in an exclusive way. Our products have unparalleled characteristics because, in the various versions of its Design, Ufo chair is studied and customized by our best designers to combine traditional craftsmanship techniques and innovative shapes and materials.

  • tavolo ninfea table

    The Ninfea dining table is a unique element, designed to be distinguished from other tables, both in design and functionality. Modern in shape and idea, this table is made entirely of metal, handcrafted by expert blacksmiths and finished according to the customer’s needs in matte or glossy colors and in unique tones such as gold or chrome finishes.

  • tavolo-magma-console

    We call Magma “the queen of modern luxury consoles” because it is designed to amaze. With unique shapes. With innovative materials. With craftsmanship. In addition to the very special Design, the structure of the console is made of pure aluminum, worked completely by hand, passing through different types of craftsmanship, far from the classic industrial processes.

  • pouf Meteora

    We only offer objects with a unique and unrepeatable design and it is precisely from this idea that we have created Meteora, a design pouf that will send you into orbit. This pouf, like the other pieces produced by Mavimatt, is highly customizable according to the customer’s needs, while its structure is entirely made of fiberglass or pure carbon.

  • Panama Coffee Tabletavolino caffe panama coffee table

    And here is Panama, our modern coffee table: a masterpiece of design and art, totally handmade in Italy for you. This unique piece of design has been designed taking inspiration from the timeless lines of the famous panama hat that give style and character.

  • alunitelamp alunite lampada

    Our first item will brighten up your interior. Alunite’s design is simple and complex at the same time. It’s made with a fiberglass structure, handcrafted by our expert artisans to give it this unique shape.