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Our first object created to illuminate and amaze your interior. Alunite has been designed with a simple but at the same time complex design. It is made with a fibreglass and carbon fibre structure, completely handcrafted by our expert craftsmen without any kind of industrial process, in order to be able to give it this unique and unparalleled shape.

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The lamp is made of two main parts: the ceiling light in the upper part and the cone in the lower part. The ceiling light inside has a metal structure, thanks to which it can be firmly attached to the cone below by means of 3 screws that can be unscrewed at will to facilitate cleaning of the lamp elements. The body of the lamp below the ceiling light, on the other hand, has a special conical shape that starts at the ground with a larger diameter and then shrinks in diameter towards its highest part. This special shape, together with the clean cut from which Alunite’s inner light emerges, can only be realised with special manual processes and special moulds made especially for Alunite. To give the lamp perfect stability, a round-shaped base (which recalls the lines of the ceiling light) a few millimetres thick is screwed into the lower part of the cone.

Designed to stylishly illuminate interiors

Inside Alunite structure there is a special LED bar that starts at the bottom of the cone and rises up to the ceiling light. The LED bar has been designed and conceived especially for Alunite so that it can perfectly follow the particular and unique cut that can be seen on the entire structure of the lamp, from where all the light given off by the internal LED will then emanate. Thanks to the most advanced technology the internal LED, by means of a remote control that is supplied with the purchase of Alunite, can change the colour of the light emanating from Alunite from different colours such as white, red, blue, green, violet etc. The bluetooth connection between the remote control and the LED bar will allow you to change the colour of the light even from a distance, while lying comfortably on your sofa. Alunite’s LED lighting works via a cable with a socket that is plugged directly into the power supply.

Unique colours and finishes

We have decided to offer Alunite in different editions, each with its own particularities. The Ral edition is produced with a liquid paint in a matt or gloss finish for both the cone and the ceiling light, and we also give the possibility to manage the two elements (ceiling light and cone) with contrasting colours. The galvanic edition, on the other hand, features exclusive finishes such as rose gold, silver, yellow gold and chrome colours, made possible through a special chrome-plating technique that requires several cycles of painting and treatment in aseptic environments. Finally, we offer Alunite in a special edition with a black carbon structure available in both gloss and matt finishes and with the possibility of colouring the carbon with special pigments or inks.

Packaging and shipping

You will receive the Alunite fully assembled without having to assemble any lamp components. The packaging is carried out on a custom-made wooden crate, with ISPM15 treatment, inside which the lamp is fixed with special inserts that allow Alunite to be perfectly blocked, for maximum safety during transport by sea or air.


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