the coffee table inspired by the elements of nature

According to Aristotle, everything that exists in nature can be traced back to four elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Earth would be the result of a primordial manifestation that from a body of heat, fire, was created through successive condensations. Based on this theory, Mavimatt has created Elements, a marble coffee table inspired by the elements of nature.

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Mavimatt combine Art and Design

Mavimatt is not only synonymous with exclusivity but also with art and design, and it is for these reasons that we wanted to create an element that is part of a collection that brings together the four elements of nature, which are understood as states of aggregation of matter. Fire represents the burning state, air the gaseous state, water the liquid state and earth the solid state.

Each element of nature has its own peculiarities and it is precisely following this logic that the Elements coffee table is also customised according to these characteristics thanks to four different types of marble. Furthermore, thanks to a very careful selection of materials we are able to create a work of art in every respect, an authentic and exclusive marble coffee table for your interior.

How the ‘Elements’ marble coffee table was made

Elements coffee table is produced in four different versions, each of which is designed to recall the corresponding nature element.

The Water element coffee table is made from one of the world’s most precious quartzites, Azul Macaubas, which is non-uniform in colour, but evenly shaded in various shades of blue and azure.

The Fire element is represented by the natural stone Red Jasper that will give your coffee table a bright and refined tone and create a very elegant effect.

The Air element is represented by White Onyx ‘Extra’, the rarest and most expensive onyx on the market, which will embellish every surface and interior.

Finally, the Earth element is made of Irish Green marble, which with its shades of green will make your rooms unique and spectacular.

The natural stone slabs that form Elements are 2 cm thick and each coffee table will be equipped with a plinth placed at the bottom, in recess, that will have the task of making the coffee table perfectly stable and at the same time give it a very suggestive hanging effect.

Details that make the difference

On the top plan and on two sides of each table, handmade figurines made with a special technique called Low Poly will be installed, depicting four different types of animals in three different sizes. Each element will have a different type of animal, reminiscent of its natural habitat. Each table will therefore also have its animal of reference according to its natural element: sea turtles for water, beetles for fire, butterflies for air and geckos for earth. A custom-made display case will then be placed over the animals to further emphasise their beauty and uniqueness. All the animals, being placed entirely by hand on each table, will always have a different arrangement and this will make each Elements even more unique and exclusive. The colouring of the animals can be chosen from different shades and finishes at the customer’s request.

Packaging and shipping

You will receive the Elements coffee table fully assembled inside a wooden crate, custom-made to guarantee maximum safety during transport to its final destination.


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