the design bookcase, a true object of desire

Decidedly original and intriguing, here is the Lava design bookcase, whose structure evokes the harmony of nature and a refined and unique aesthetic. This bookcase was conceived thanks to an innovative construction technique discovered by our team of craftsmen, with the aim of surprising those who love design and art.


The Lava bookcase also joins our exclusive collection of designer furniture objects. A handmade in Italy masterpiece reserved for design and art lovers from all over the world. With Lava, the bookcase becomes a true contemporary art sculpture.

A uniquely shaped sculpture, the iconic Lava bookcase

Looking for a design object that catches the eye? Anyone entering your home certainly won’t easily forget this imposing, modern bookcase.

This majestic bookcase was created with the idea of impressing. Three versions of the Lava bookcase will be available: the Ral edition, the Chrome edition and finally the most exclusive, the Molten Metal edition. To guarantee authenticity, an aluminium name plate, handmade by one of our goldsmiths, is applied to each bookcase.

The Ral edition bookcase is made with a carbon and fiberglass structure, completely handcrafted by our experienced craftsmen, without industrial processes, to guarantee the highest quality of the final product. Once the structure is finished, it will then be painted with a ‘liquid’ varnish in the various colours available on the Ral colour scale in matt or gloss finishes.

The Chrome edition, on the other hand, like the Ral version, has a structure made of carbon and fiberglass, but on this special edition advanced techniques will be used, developed by our expert craftsmen, thanks to which we will be able to produce exclusive chrome colours such as yellow gold, rose gold, silver and various other colours. To achieve these finishes, 10 different cycles of painting and sanding are required, carried out by expert craftsmen. For the painting phase alone, each Lava bookcase in this version requires almost a month of entirely manual work. The end result of the finishes in this edition is unique.


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Discover the Chrome Edition

Finally, for our most demanding customers, we have come up with an even more exclusive version, the Molten Metal edition. It is made with a composite material structure from the aeronautical industry, which lays the foundation for the shape of the bookcase, then the body is machined with an innovative system that will shape the sinuous forms of Lava. This is followed by the use of a new special application, in fact, real molten metal will be applied with a special gun, as if it were a real casting. Thanks to this new application, a strand of metal in a solid state enters the gun and is heated and melted to a liquid state. Once the metal in its liquid state is deposited on the bookcase, the thermal shock created by the difference in temperature between the bookcase and the metal will cause the metal to solidify instantly, giving rise to the Lava bookcase, which will thus resemble a real melt. The metals with which this edition can be made are: zinc, brass and pink copper.


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Packaging and shipping

The Lava bookcase is packed in a custom-made, all-wood crate to ensure maximum security for the item during its entire journey to its final destination.


Technical details

Disegno tecnico - Lava - technical drawing

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Can change color according to your tastes