library bookcase, the object of desire of every design enthusiast

Definitely original and intriguing, here is the LAVA design bookshelf capable of evoking the harmony of nature and a refined aesthetic with its structure. This library is developed around the discovery of a new technique studied by the team of Mavimatt, with the aim of surprising those who love design and elegance.

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The LAVA modern bookcase also becomes part of our collection of design furniture objects. A masterpiece handmade in Italy for design and art lovers from all over the world.

The bookcase becomes more than a simple stand, it approaches new daily habits through the search for functionality in full continuity with the most current lifestyles.


A bookcase with unique shapes, is the iconic LAVA bookcase

Are you looking for a design object that catches the eye? Anyone who will enter in your home will certainly not easily take their eyes off this library bookcase.

This majestic bookcase was created with the idea of ​​showing the best of a new innovative technique. Two versions of the LAVA bookcase are available: the RAL edition and a more exclusive edition (the MOLTEN METAL edition) made with the spectacular and exclusive new technique.

The RAL edition bookcase will have the body made of carbon and fiberglass and once finished it will be painted and finished with the various colors of the RAL scale and will be available in matte or glossy finishes.

Discover the RAL Edition


Discover the MOLTEN METAL Edition

The magic of this library does not end there. For our most exclusive clients we have a special edition made with a new innovative technique studied by Mavimatt, the body will be created with a structure in composite materials, which come from the aeronautical sector, then a pantograph to 5 axes in 3 dimensions will create the amazing curves of the bookcase. A new application will follow, in fact, the molten metal will be applied cold with a special spray gun as if it were a real fusion.

Thanks to this new process, a solid metal wire enters the gun which is heated and melted, thus passing to the liquid state, once the metal touches the final surface being already cold it will make it possible to create this installation that will go to remembering a loose object, that’s why it’s called “Lava”.

The special colors available for this exclusive edition of the design bookcase LAVA are: rose gold, yellow gold and silver in a glossy finish.

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Disegno tecnico - Lava - technical drawing

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Can change color according to your tastes