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Mavimatt is a world-famous brand for what concerns the production of handmade luxury design objects dedicated to interior furnishings, from the living room to the garage, in an exclusive way. Our products have unparalleled characteristics because, in the various versions of its Design, Ufo chair is studied and customized by our best designers to combine traditional craftsmanship techniques and innovative shapes and materials.

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We offer several types of rocking chair. Each one with its own features. Each one with its own peculiarities that turn these design items into unique masterpieces of their kind. The possibility to customize every room in your home is priceless!

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Unidentified Furniture Object
Patent N.002259689-0001 20/6/2013


UFO. The rocking chair with a modern design.

For the creation of all the variants of our Ufo armchair, we have deployed all our creativity, the know-how that distinguishes us and the most modern technologies.
As the name suggests, the Ufo (Unidentified Furniture Object) armchairs are a concentrate of creative art. Unparalleled in their beauty, versatile in their composition and superlative in the various handcrafted finishes. An enduring example of handmade art.

The details that make the difference

The composition of Ufo is designed to follow the morphology of people. The composition of the rocket chair is superb in terms of technology, quality, and aesthetics. The unique piece of the shell is totally handmade. Thanks to the sophisticated automotive process, this product involves the latest technologies. The Ufo structure is made entirely of fiberglass or carbon.
The carbon and glass fiber make the structure very strong and rigid and at the same time light, as carbon fiber is about three times stiffer than steel and aluminum. The choice of materials, the unrivaled Design, and the enhancement of the beauty of handmade art make Ufo an unrivaled and one-of-a-kind object.

For the upholstery of the Ufo seats, we use Italian primofiore leather or fine fabrics.
The Ufo seat is very comfortable and offers a unique emotion, thanks to the foam of the seat made up of different types of densities.
The chassis of the armchair is also designed with an innovative design and style. Its spherical shell, in fact, maintains the entire weight for balancing on a single point. The most incredible feature of the chassis design is that most of the seat remains frictionless, which makes Ufo a single piece, light and agile.

Different needs, different sizes

To cope with the different furnishing requirements related to the different interior spaces, at Mavimatt we have developed two different Ufo sizes, while maintaining the same Design, the same structure and, above all, the same quality:

  • large version with 170cm of maximum external diameter
  • small version with 120cm of maximum external diameter

Ufo’s shipping process is also “spatial” because each product is packed inside a three-wave box, on pallets and outside embedded in a wooden structure to ensure maximum protection during transport.

Relax and enjoy the experience

Refined and made with premium materials selected by the best artisans and designers to guarantee a high aesthetic, Ufo are more than simple design armchairs; they are real contemporary art objects where you’ll spend unforgettable moments, immersing yourself in the Italian elegance with a unique style.

Technical details

UFO rocking chair

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