the table with a unique design

We are proud to present to you the Nido Table, a work of art that delights the eyes. The table is an invitation to sit, a nest of warmth and affection where the family can share precious moments. Handcrafted by our skilled artisans and made with exquisite materials, Nido is the exclusive Made in Italy dining table.

Now, let us sit down and savor the table with all our senses.

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Nido Table: When Mavimatt Design Brings the Family Together

The Nido Table has a unique detail that makes it even more original and fascinating: its two legs are shaped like a nest, resembling two eggs. The oval shape specifically evokes a nest, a refuge built by animals to gather and protect their offspring. Figuratively, it symbolizes life and hospitality, nature and creativity, where family members, as well as guests, can feel psychologically united around a table. Nido Table emphasizes the value of sharing, but above all, it highlights the foundational pillar of every society: the family. Notably, the two eggs gracefully and solidly support the tabletop. That is why we have decided to name this dining table “Nido”, which means nest in Italian.
The table consists of two main parts: the single-piece tabletop and the two egg-shaped legs. Our craftsmen, with decades of experience in the industry, meticulously handcraft each table, one piece at a time, imbuing the work with that artisanal and unique appearance that distinguishes us. The egg-shaped legs are created through a special handmade process: a composite material is hand-resinated, which then hardens and is subsequently varnished.
The care our experts put into the Nido Table is equivalent to the care a bird has for its offspring, as they wait for them to take flight.

Details that make the difference

To guarantee the authenticity of the Nido Table, an aluminium nameplate is made by one of our goldsmiths and applied to the table top by hand.

The four exclusive editions of the Nido Table

This dining table, branded by Mavimatt, comes in four different editions.

  • Ral Edition: In this edition, the entire table surface will be available in various colors from the Ral color chart (an international color scale), with a choice of matte or glossy finish. The two egg-shaped legs will also be available in either a glossy or matte finish. In total, there are approximately 2000 colors defined by the Ral scale, allowing you to unleash your imagination. The table will be made from a single block of fiberglass and carbon fiber.
  • Galvanic Edition: This is an exclusive and luxurious edition. Again, the table surface will be made from a single block of fiberglass and carbon fiber, but you can choose from various chrome finishes, including rose gold, yellow gold, silver chrome, and other refined color shades. The same customization options will be available for both the egg-shaped legs and the table surface, allowing you to personalize the table’s appearance as much as possible. The uniqueness of this edition lies in the challenging coloration process which took years of study and testing. Mavimatt has tested multiple times to achieve these mesmerizing colors that ignite the imagination.
  • Carbon Fiber Edition: This is the carbon fiber edition of the table. The entire surface will be made from a single block of carbon fiber. The plan can be finished with either a matte or glossy finish. Using special inks, we also offer the option to add unique color shades to the carbon fiber while still keeping the carbon texture visible. The two egg-shaped legs, on the other hand, will be designed with refined chrome finishes, allowing you to choose between rose gold, silver chrome, yellow gold and other special colors. Alternatively, you can opt for various colors from the Ral scale, available in both glossy and matte finishes.
  • Tailor Made Edition: Lastly, we have the most exclusive edition among the four. On this edition we give the customer the possibility to customise the table with the finish he wants. For example we present the table with the entire surface crafted from marble. It can be white marble, Carrara white marble, black marble, or other special marbles upon your request. The two egg-shaped legs can be designed with special chrome finishes or standard Ral scale finishes. In this exclusive edition, we also offer the unique opportunity to have the two legs hand-painted with distinctive and special motifs. An artist will paint the two egg-shaped legs according to your specific request.


Packaging and Shipping

The customer will receive the Nido Table fully packaged in a custom-made wooden crate, tailored to its dimensions, ensuring maximum protection during transportation from the company to the final destination. The transportation will be carried out safely and securely.


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