the modern luxury console

If we say that Magma is ‘the modern luxury console‘, it is precisely because it is designed to impress. With unique shapes. With innovative materials. With craftsmanship. In addition to the truly exceptional design, the structure of the console table is made of pure aluminium, processed entirely by hand, passing through different types of craftsmanship, far removed from classic industrial processes.

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Mavimatt designs and creates handmade design works that are personal, tangible and sensual. The creative artistry of each individual object is encapsulated in an artistic energy that no machine can ever replicate. Sometimes life’s journeys have left us with profound impacts that can never be forgotten. These impacts were transformed with an aesthetic sense of creative art into an idea that was later transformed into the Magma product.

From nature comes the Italian design console

This handmade piece of art was born with the help of Mother Nature. Our designers designed and conceived Magma from the idea of a volcanic eruption. The natural events that Mother Nature gives us are indescribable, so we have tried to capture them in the creation of this console table. Magma is for those who are not satisfied with a simple design table in their home.

The structure of the top, legs and drops are made entirely by hand, which requires the utmost know-how on the part of our master craftsmen. To ensure the console table’s perfect rigidity, the structure consists of an upper top made of a special 5 mm thick metal alloy, but the real beauty of Magma are its legs and drops. Both are made from solid blocks of aluminium, completely hollowed out and turned until the final shape is obtained, then polished and smoothed entirely by hand until the maximum mirror finish is achieved to eliminate the slightest imperfection on the piece. The Magma console table is liquid-varnished in all the colours of the international RAL scale, with the option of a matt or gloss finish.

The most exclusive editions of Magma are available in several special shades including rose gold, yellow gold, silver and in chrome finishes in different colours. These exclusive finishes are liquid-varnished through different chrome cycles. Another unique feature of Magma is the possibility of being able to customise the colours of each individual drop or leg and also of the top, and thus to create a console table that becomes a one-of-a-kind piece.
An aluminium nameplate, handmade by one of our goldsmiths, is applied to each console table.

Packaging and shipping

You will receive the Magma console table fully assembled inside a custom-made, wooden crate to guarantee maximum safety during transport.

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Can change color according to your tastes